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To make sure that you stumble upon gold nuggets that are more than the finds of an amateur miner, you need to follow a well designed road map. The following tips might be a handy guide to lay your hands on rich gold deposits easily.

There are sophisticated probes and machines that can detect even very small sized gold nuggets. Typically, deeper you go, the more are your chances of hitting upon larger gold pieces. The largest nuggets will be found at depths over a foot. It will be far more difficult to find buried deposits of very fine gold flakes using machines.

Detectors with higher frequencies will be more sensitive to tiny particles of gold. However the catch is that it will be equally sensitive to iron minerals as well and this could result in false signals in places where there are huge deposits of iron. Lower frequency detectors are not effective in tracing small nuggets. There are metal detectors with a range of frequencies from as low as 6.4 kHZ to high of 71kHz. Pulse induction (PI) detectors are used to find large chunks of gold at high depths by virtue of their capacity to ignore the worst ground mineral conditions. However these are not so good discriminating out trash items.

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Detectors that feature automatic ground balance are easy to use and will be less noisy during operation.

Large nuggets give out loud signals, but as most of the samples will be small, you should learn to catch even the faintest but very distinct sound that the detectors make while sensing gold. A sensitive headphone will make it easier for you to pick up the sound signals.

A metal detector can function even in the absence of water, which makes it ideal for arid locations.

Metal detectors help you to find gold; however make sure that you select those areas for mining where gold deposits were found earlier also. A proper research will help you to shortlist those locations that have decent deposits of gold to ensure success.

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