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Submitted by: Daymon H

Fiber optic offers the fastest internet connection available on the market. However, it is a relatively new technology and has just recently been available to home users. Initially, this hook up was so expensive the barrier of entry into using the medium kept out anyone except large multi-million dollar corporations and government organizations. As this method of connecting to the internet becomes more widely available to the public, it is quickly becoming the connection of choice by users and therefore service providers are beginning to offer it to more zip codes every year. If you are interested in a connecting to the internet in your home you will need to contact different internet service providers to see who can hook you up at the best deal.

Fiber optic cables are hair-thin glass cables which run underground to a junction box on the outside of your house and then on to your home computer. These cables transfer data from website servers to your computer allowing you to surf the web, send email, upload and download information and more. The startup costs for this kind of connection are very expensive. If these glass cables are not already installed on your street you may not be able to have this hook-up option at all. And even if you do have access to the cables near your house, the cost of installing a juncture box can be very expensive. Finding an internet provider in your zip code should start with calling around to determine who can install fiber optic for your home and at what cost. This will narrow down the field of providers considerably right out of the gate.

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Although the monthly costs of fiber optic internet is slowly decreasing, the bill will still be higher than that of a cable or DSL connection. The higher-end connection offers an impressive bandwidth capacity and speed. Provided your home is in an area which receives a reliable signal, most all internet providers will offer a great connection. However, it can be worth the time and effort to call around for different price quotes from service providers in your zip code to try and get the least expensive service and package available. Over time, the savings will add up considerably. Fiber optic is considered by many the connection of the future which means you will most likely not be thinking about upgrading your connection for many years. Lock in the best price possible early on for big savings.

Though a service provider my label their service as fiber optic, or boast a fiber optic network, there are a few different variables to consider here. First is there are fiber optic providers that extend the fiber optic network directly to your home. This is called fiber to the home, or ftth. Other providers do have a 100% fiber optic network, but don’t connect that network directly to your home. Instead they run fiber to the node (fttn) and from there run copper to your home. Others still have a fiber hybrid network which is a combination of fiber, and copper.

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Submitted by: Floydvi Bonner

Retailers like Harvey Regular, Courts have dedicated laptop and electronic sections that have a whole host of makes and models. From laptop computers to desktop gadgets, there is generally a thing for everyone and the value ranges will suit just about any finances. The most effective point about these digital shops is the very fact that they have an installment policy with realistic interest rates – or f you have a credit score card, you will enjoy both a one -two 12 months installment method that is risk and curiosity no cost. You could get flooded by a sea of information and facts right here but they are neatly shown with their perks and characteristics emboldened by both text and a smiling, and actually waiting gross sales workers – prepared to speak to you and fill you in on the particulars left out.

If you choose the much more colloquial and no frills purchasing experience, I would endorse taking a quick trip down to Sim Lim Square and be shocked at the six floors of Singapore digital shops which market laptop computers, desktop personal computers and a full host of digital paraphernalia from cameras, digital video recording devices, mp3 players, most current computer tech and even cables and pins from a thousand various designs. It can be rather daunting as you might discover that once save appears suspiciously identical to the other but that is the charm of these kinds of a put. Sellers are bold and often get to the stage, with bargaining not being out of the question if you know your way all around the market location. This location is normally incredibly crowded, even in the early mornings of a week day so time all by yourself proper. You must go in being aware of what you want to get and what your funds is, or you will be easily distracted by shiny points you never will need that seem to be to end up in your credit card bill.

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If you like your air conditioning soundless and your support workers in matching uniforms, then head down to Funan IT mall, in which the crown prince, Challenger, sits atop the very last floor in all its laptop and gadgetry grandeur. This is a refined version of Sim Lim, with fancy keeping places and properly labeled enclosures with dizzying displays. Selling prices right here are marginally additional expensive but membership is obtainable for these interested in conserving up to and more than 10% of the retail price tag.

There are far more merchants abound in Singapore, and browsing for a person isn’t hard at all. On the other hand, if you are seeking for range and protection in your purchases, I would advise the aforementioned spots.

Possessing a computer system now in today’s planet is no more time a luxury but a necessity if we are to survive in the digital age where all of us moves by the digital super corridor that opened up about ten a long time ago. The likely of the internet is wonderful and we have to have to be plugged into it. In addition, the laptop or computer has turn into a centre for all that we do, like amusement, training, information and facts and even home business – so it has taken through almost all factors of our lives.

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Submitted by: Ron Roberts

What Im going to share with you today is the single most powerful trick I know for supercharging your bottom line.

At some point in time, if you are going to grow your construction business beyond $2 million, you are going to need someone working on sales full time. Now, maybe sales is your thing and you want to do that full time. Fantastic.

Its almost always best when a business owner is committed to selling. But even if you sell successfully, you may still end up wanting to add another salesman.

If sales isnt your thing, then you will definitely need to hire a salesman. Either way, you are going to be faced with a critical decision.

How should you pay your new salesman?

Draw (salary) plus commission? Bonuses for sales generated? Increased commission with increased sales volume? A higher commission for new customers? Straight salary?

All of these are commonly used approaches. Not one of them is likely to produce the profit results you seek.

If you let your salesman have his way, he will want a draw plus commission. Most will ask for a pretty stout draw and a relatively modest commission based on revenue sold. Dont agree to that!

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Draw plus commission lines the pockets of your salesman regardless of whether he is making you any money. The purpose of draw plus commission is to drive sales volume. Dont fall into the trap of thinking sales volume is important.

You need your salesman to focus on PROFITABLE work. Let your competition sell the unprofitable work. Thats work you dont want and you certainly dont want your own salesman bringing it to you.

How do you get your salesman to chase profitable work? You align his pay to profit.

Put in place a pay plan that rewards him for profitable work and punishes him for unprofitable work. Basically, make him a pseudo-partner. It is surprisingly easy to do and Im going to show you how.

1. His entire compensation should be based on commissions on gross profit (a commission rate often in the 20% range).

2. He should be guaranteed a minimum income, whether his earned commissions surpass it or not.

3. His commission rate should stay the same regardless of sales volume or profit generated.

4. If he doesnt earn his guaranteed minimum income within a reasonable time period, say 18 months, you replace him.

With this approach your salesman will be highly motivated to ask for the highest price possible. He will not leave $100 on the table, because with a 20% commission, he would be leaving $20 behind. An example will drive the point home quite clearly.

Lets say your salesman has estimated a jobs direct costs will run $10,000. Lets look at how the usual approach, draw plus commission, compares against my recommended approach for driving desired sales behavior.

The salesman being compensated with the standard salary plus 2% of sales has little incentive to risk losing a sale by raising price. If he sold the job at cost, he would earn a $200 commission. If he sold the job for $15,000, he would earn a $300 commission. He only makes an extra $100for substantially increasing the likelihood of losing the job.

He will not raise the price to $15,000 just to earn the extra $100. Of course, you lose money if he sells the job at $10,000 but he doesnt care. Its all about volume, right?

Now, lets look at my recommended approach.

Your salesman earns nothing if he sells the job at $10,000. He earns $1,000 if he sells the job for $15,000 and he earns $2,000 if he sells it for $20,000. How motivated will he be to pursue the highest price possible? Very, very motivated.

Do to the potential windfall he can earn, he will become a master at qualifying customers. He will not spend time on price sensitive customers. He will aggressively pursue the customers who value your companys superior services and are willing to pay for them.

These are exactly the customers you want him to pursue because not only are they profitable, they tend to be far more loyal, and tend to be far more willing to refer you to their friends, family, and professional associates.

Look at what you get when you are paying a 20% commission on gross profit. You pocket $4,000 for every $5,000 of gross profit your salesman generates. Sure, a great salesman will make a killing with this type of pay plan, but youre going to make an even greater killing.

You want your salesman earning $200,000 because that means he contributing $800,000 to your OH&P. Imagine having four such salesmen in your company. How well off would you be?

This is the type of pay plan that will draw top salesmen like flies. Where else in the construction industry, or any industry, are they going to have a chance to make that kind of money?

You know the difference between a $50,000 salesman and a $200,000 salesman? You go broke with the first and get rich with the second!

In summary, the best way to supercharge your bottom line is to implement a sales commission plan that rewards your sales force for generating gross profit. In doing so, you will make sure that they have your best interest in mind.

About the Author: Ron Roberts, The Contractor’s Business Coach, teaches contractors how to turn their businesses into a profit spewing machines. To receive Ron’s FREE Contractor Best Practices Newsletter visit



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Submitted by: Melissa Van Rossum

There are many reasons why a ghost (the soul of an individual who has died) would be drawn to a particular person, home or area and not all of them are negative reasons. Ghosts often gravitate toward energies and types of environments that are familiar to them. Because ghosts are most often mired in some type of despair, they are consistently drawn to environments where typically there is some type of stagnant energy present. You don’t have to live in a dilapidated, haunted house to attract a ghost into your home, some of the nicest homes in the world will attract a ghost.

There are several things you can do to lift and protect the energy of your home and office which will lessen the chances of having ghostly visitors.


Smudge Your Home Every Week

– Smudging is the process of burning sage and other herbs to purify the energy of a room, a building or even an individual. To properly smudge, open a window in the room you are clearing. Light the end of the smudge stick and begin to walk around the room, moving the smudge stick in the areas of the room that feel thick, negative or uncomfortable for you. As you smudge you want to hold the intention of clearing away all negative energies. You also want to say your intention out loud; perhaps something along these lines, “Clearing away all negative and stagnant energies. Surrounding us in the love, protection and prosperity of God.” Smudging is an absolute necessity after conflicts and heated discussions, and after guests’ visits and parties or gatherings.


Burn Candles with an Intention

– After you smudge you want to burn a few candles, and infuse each candle with an intention. For example, you might say as you light a candle, “I intend for my house to be filled with love and kindness.” Burn black candles to dispel negativity and burn white candles to infuse purity and protection. This will raise the energy of any room. Candles and smudge sticks are available at my website, Their Way Home.


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Clean Out the Clutter

– Everyone has a little bit of clutter in their busy homes, but too much clutter (particularly the kind that never goes away) creates a chaotic, stagnant vibration that can affect your ability to think clearly. Ghosts love chaos and stagnation because it reflects how they feel. They feel right at home around it. Schedule a couple of days every so often to organize your home and office. And never, ever store boxes of ‘stuff’ under your bed. It will ruin your sleep and can potentially give you bad dreams. Put chunks of rose quartz under your bed instead. It will surround you with love and sweet dreams.


Keep it Clean

– Clean your home and office (dusting, vacuuming, etc.) at least once a week. Dirt and grime, aside from being unhealthy, also creates a sad vibration of chaos and confusion in your home.


Visit Every Room Every Week

– If you live in a small home this probably isn’t a problem. But if you live in a larger home, you may have noticed how the rooms that aren’t used regularly can take on a stagnant and uncomfortable feeling. These empty rooms are another favorite haunt for ghosts. Try placing a living plant in these rooms so you’ll have a reason for visiting these areas every few days or so.


Open the Windows

– As often as the weather permits, open up a window and let the fresh air flow! Fresh air helps to take away negative energies and helps to raise everyone’s state of mind. If you’re sensitive to pollen and pollution, open the windows only when the pollen counts are low or nonexistent. Also consider investing in an air purifier and an ozone machine for better air quality whenever you need it.


Get Rid of Furniture You Dont Like

– If you detest the dining room table you inherited from great aunt Betty, donate it to Goodwill or sell it on eBay. Being around furniture and ‘things’ you don’t like in your home creates an energy pattern of resentment – another favorite energy pattern for ghosts.


Keep Gemstone Crystals in Your Home

– Genuine Gemstone Crystals such as quartz, amethyst, celestite, labradorite, agate, tourmaline and many others go a long way to lifting and protecting the energy around them. Quartz literally purifies the energy of any room. And amethyst helps to transmute negative energies to positive ones. The best place to find great rocks at great prices is at any local rock show. Search the web to find out when one is coming near you.


Wear Gemstone Crystals

– Wearing authentic gemstone crystals is a very effective way to lift your own energy, which will in turn help lift the energy of your home. Wearing quartz crystal can help purify your energy as well as the energy of the environment around you. Onyx gives calming strength and Chalcedony quiets chaotic emotions. Any gemstone jewelry is a wonderful touchstone throughout your day and is particularly supportive to you in a contentious situation.


Keep Salt Lamps in Your Home

– Salt lamps are most often made from the salts found in Himalaya. Just like the salt water of the ocean, the protective nature of a salt lamp purifies the energy of any room. They also help to mitigate EMFs from televisions, computers and cell phones and they’ve been known to help migraine and allergy sufferers.

About the Author: Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic, empath and author. Her life’s work is to help people realize their dreams by finding their Divine Guidance. Their Way Home shares stories of her encounters with ghosts, who searched her out to guide them home. To learn more, visit

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Submitted by: Creztor Tessel

Are you looking for information on how to bypass Craigslist phone verification? Phone verified accounts, or PVA, are now required in all of the services section and depending on the kind of IP you are using possibly every other section on Craigslist. The need for phone verified accounts is currently only limited to North America. This is because Craigslist USA is the main Craigslist classified site that gets the most amount of traffic. For anyone wanting to boost their business it makes sense that they should be posting on Craigslist USA to tap into this potential flood of traffic. The obvious question is how can you bypass phone verification? Is it even possible to get around the need for PVA or is it a complete waste of time?

In order to understand what you can do to bypass the need for PVA, you really need to first have a solid understanding of where and why verified accounts are required. Phone verified accounts are by default required in the services section. There is absolutely nothing you can do to bypass the need for PVA in this area. The services section is the only place small businesses are allowed to place ads on Craigslist. A quick look through this section will reveal that 99.9% of the ads are indeed business related and this is where you should be posting if you are a business or service provider. However, it is impossible to post in the services section without using an account that you have created and verified using a phone number. For anyone looking to bypass the need for PVA but wants to post in services, there is nothing you can do. Your only solution is to use PVA for Craigslist.

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Is there no way that phone verification can be bypassed? Yes and no. Beside the services section, every other section on Craigslist can require a PVA and can also not require one. How does Craigslist make the decision if you need or don’t need a PVA in order to post? Craigslist determines if you need a PVA from your IP and nothing more. Everytime you post an ad on Craigslist the IP you used is logged. The more ads you post the more times that IP is logged. This eventually leads to flagging or blacklisting. Some IPs are flagged and when this happens the only way you can continue to post is by using phone verified accounts, even if you aren’t posting in the services section. The way to bypass this form of verification is to get fresh IPs. Fresh IPs are any IPs that aren’t already in the Craigslist flagged IP system.

Bypassing phone verification on Craigslist isn’t as simple as some would like. If you post in the services section then there is nothing you can do to bypass it and you will need to get phone verified or pva for Craigslist to place ads. If you post in other sections then the best thing you can do is try and get fresh IPs that aren’t already flagged.

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