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By Jeff Noctis

Focus groups are often done for the purpose of research and analysis. There are numerous elements that are a part of conducting a focus group and one of those key elements that should not be put aside to the last is transcription.

Because of the various parts of creating and managing a focus group, there is a lot of potential for chaos. There are few things more frustrating than completing a productive and data-rich session only to discover that the recorded audio is unusable or that the transcript comes back in a chaotic and unreadable mess.

Transcription alone can be a difficult business, even with a professional transcription agency. It’s made more difficult when those conducting the focus group don’t make adequate preparations to ensure the continuity of the recording. If careful planning takes place, those conducting the group can make transcription easier and reduce the cost of the overall project.

Focus groups add to the overall challenge of transcription because of the variety of voices and potential accents depending on the nature, location and cultural diversity of the group. Likewise, depending on the interaction of the group and the intensity of the discussion there may be multiple people talking over one another which makes it difficult to single out and differentiate the people who are talking and what they have said.

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With these variants, it can take quite a bit longer to tackle focus group transcription, which unfortunately can drive up the cost of service. There are however several things that can be done to make the transcription process easier:

Speaking Clearly for Transcription in a Focus Group

For starters, if there are food or drinks being offered then those should be given to the participants before the session starts. Not only can eating or drinking make open discussion a bit uncomfortable for others, it can be unpleasant and even more difficult to decipher what people are saying when they talk through a mouth full of food, or around a drink.

Making Technology Work For You

Second, having a quality recording system can be helpful. A central microphone is a poor choice because the people nearest the mic will dominate over others who are farther away. Having individual quality microphones, or strategically stationed microphones to pick up multiple ends of the conversation are vital to accurately picking up all aspects of the group’s conversation for transcription.

Manage the Parties in a Focus Group

As mentioned, it’s difficult to transcribe a conversation when multiple parties are talking over one another. Discerning who is talking can be difficult for even the most seasoned professional transcription service. If you have a way of marking who is speaking at a given time, this can be helpful. The participants in the focus group should also be advised to avoid talking over each other as much as possible.

To aid in transcription a focus group coordinator should let the transcription service know specifically what kind of information should be recorded. E.g. a verbatim transcription including every idiosyncratic auditory element or something more of an “intelligent verbatim” that leaves out stutters, hesitations, etc. For the purposes of market research, this information and these types of auditory cues may be helpful so it’s important to specify what is needed.

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Submitted by: Simi Mccarren

If you do not have a professional degree in a particular field or you just want to do a temporary job before you embark on a serious career plan, London jobs have plenty of options that you can look into. For example you can find a temporary or permanent position in any of these jobs: Waiter/waitress, Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) adviser, Duty Manger, Cashier, Front Office, Chef de cuisine, Banquet sales, Cook, Developer, CCTV Manager, or a teaching job.

You can also take up Day-to-Day Supply Teaching also commonly referred to as relief teaching. This type of employment is offered by schools that have short term absences such as sickness or other emergencies and only require teachers to work for one given day or for a short period of time. Another unique opportunity that you will find only in London jobs is Royal Mail jobs and it can be anything from office based vacancies in their main London office to delivery job roles. There are a few different sectors to work for in the Royal Mail, which all pay various different salaries and benefits depending on the type of role undertaken.

A regular job has preset hours which may clash with other activities whereas in temp jobs you can choose jobs that fit into your schedule. The biggest plus of temp jobs is for students who can study and work at the same time and even if you have a regular job taking up temp jobs to earn extra money is also a viable option.

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An employment agency is an organization which matches employers to employees and there are publicly funded employment agencies and multiple private businesses which also act as employment agencies. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, public employment agency was created as a way to combat unemployment and help people find work.

People make use of these agencies to find jobs in various fields but sometimes plenty of individuals look for temporary jobs for various reasons and thats where a temp agency that specializes in finding and placing people in temporary jobs becomes crucial. Or you can even work for a Temp Agency itself but before you decide to take up the job decide on where you are willing to work and how far you are willing to travel. You can also develop a list of the types of jobs you are most interested in working and another list that describes the type of jobs that you would be least interested in doing so when you actually start looking you can easily decide.

Welcome to ABL Employment. ABL Employment Inc is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in industrial and warehouse positions throughout Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, London, Woodstock and Vancouver area.

Our focus is on long-term temporary and temp-to-hire opportunities. ABL is an independently owned, corporately financed company. This means that both our customers and temporary employees enjoy the personal service of a locally owned and operated company and the financial security and resources of a large network of companies.

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PR News Wire Service


Dev Sri

PR News Wire Service lets you convey your special messages to people around the world that matters. If you have developed a new technology, launched a new product or if your restaurant menu has some special menu items that the whole world doesn’t have, they are all news. Let PR News Wire Service take this news to the editors of several hundreds of newspapers, magazines, websites, news syndication sites, and more.

News delivery has evolved over the centuries and it has become easier for everyone to convey the message across. Press release services have changed its shaped several times before the digital delivery took place after Information Technology has changed everything.

Send Electronic Press Kit Instantly to Thousands of Editors

It is the latest thing and trend in news syndication. Just like the traditional press kit, electronic press kit too has all the details of the company or organization providing the news. Reporters might be a bit disappointed, as they can’t find the freebie items like notepads, pens, and other pleasantries they used to receive. It is a good thing for the companies that want to get their news published and the best thing, they can send the electronic media kit to editors located anywhere in the world and in a minute.

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You can use web services to reach several thousands of editors who are looking for interesting news items for their newspaper, magazine, websites, etc. A stripped down version of the press kit or a simple press release too can be circulated, so that automated news syndication services can easily pick the news. It was not even imaginable not so far away.

Video News Release VNR

Internet too is fast becoming a video medium. Video news release is not just for the TV channels, but also for the internet. There are different websites that now offer people to host videos even without charging them anything. Video syndication sites make it easier for you to take your video news releases to people in your city and to around the world.

In both electronic press kit and video news release, you only need to provide newsworthy events like developments in new healthcare facilities, some entertainment news, and a lot more. Syndicate media outlet of any size or reputation can help you to take your message to the editors. However, appealing to them and letting your ‘news’ in is at the sole discretion of the editors. However, in most cases, you can get past the door by offering a good product an irresistible piece or well-presented news item.

Electronic press kits and video news release are becoming the norm of the day and syndicate media outlets also change their style of functioning. It is time for you to plan promotion through news through PR news wire services. Because, without people knowing the existence of your business, it is extremely difficult for it to survive, let alone succeed.

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By Tom Gauger

Looking for the right sound and company to produce that sound can be somewhat tricky, especially if this is your first run with TV or radio. While there are a number of things to look out for in terms of getting the best price with a great sounding commercial, don’t let the cheap price or the ‘We can just put in some ‘free’ industrial music in the background,’ take the lead.

The fact is, that great sounding commercials and effective commercials that really do in fact raise the bar with increased sales, are no stranger to great production work with seasoned and experienced writers. At it is always our number one goal to make great sounding commercials and jingles even if it costs us more in the end than originally anticipated. You don’t build business on half baked productions and you won’t build your business with cheaply made or in-house radio and cable made commercials. Saving a dollar almost always costs you the same dollars if not more without the increased traffic to your store front.

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The number one rule when looking at broadcast media is credibility. Without the credibility you might as well throw in the towel. People like to shop and buy from companies with good reputations and they buy from who they’ve gotten to know first. Over 90% of consumers buy from who comes to their mind first. The next rule to follow is, consumers buy from who they’ve heard of first, but also with who they trust – In other words, who has driven home the credibility attribute.

Does your commercial drive home credibility? You can create credibility with credible sounding commercials. Image is everything they say and hopefully the way you do business will accommodate that image. Great sounding music with professional voice overs make the difference so much of the time that I wonder why companies will advertise on radio and TV when they throw together a cheaply made and viewed to be as cheap commercial.

Great sounding jingles and productions don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. At we strive to work with many different businesses and budgets and know that money doesn’t grow on trees. If you remember nothing else from reading this article, remember that if you want increased sales with an image that looks like number one and with a rememberable jingle that will truly put your company first in the minds of your listeners, then get your commercial done right. Get great music with great voice over and music beds and you’ll be well on your way.

About the Author: Mr Gauger is an accomplished radio and TV writer with too many credits to list here. You may reach the author at or 615-300-5030. Mr Gauger works with small business and large national brands and you may visit his website at


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