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Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Everyone Should Know About

Do you have poorly shaped teeth? Do bad stains and chipped, broken or decayed teeth and gum’s prevent you from smiling as often as you’d prefer? Do you find yourself hiding your smile behind your hands? If this is you, then check out the most common cosmetic dental procedures available in your area. Your local Winston Salem Dentist can cover any and all cosmetic procedures with you and help you on your way to an award-winning smile. Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of procedures. The most common include teeth whitening, sometimes known as teeth bleaching; veneers, implants, crowns, shaping, bonding and orthodontic treatment – which isn’t just for kids any more!

There are several options to achieve a whiter, brighter smile – from procedures performed in your Winston Salem Dentist office, to take home kits and even over the counter whitening pastes, strips and gels. Porcelain or composite veneers are thin shells which are custom fitted to your teeth and then cemented to the front of your teeth in order to repair or treat crooked teeth, discoloration, chipped or even spaces between the teeth. Implants are metal devices – typically made of titanium and are used to replace missing teeth. These are permanent replacements and can even act as an anchor to crowns, bridges and dentures. A crown is also a custom fitted cap to be placed over an entire tooth, which may be poorly shaped, chipped, decayed or broken. Crowns are generally made from an acrylic or porcelain substance and have been proven to withstand the pressure of biting. Shaping, also known as enamel shaping, is done by filing away or removing part of the enamel of your teeth in order to improve their appearance. Shaping is a painless procedure and you will see immediate results. Bonding, using toned materials to be bonded to the tooth, is a way to repair or improve the appearance of badly stained, chipped or even broken teeth. And of course, you may already be familiar with orthodontic treatment. However, braces aren’t just the metal mesh you may remember from childhood. There are less painful, faster procedures for straightening teeth and as your Winston Salem Dentist will assure you, orthodontics are not just for the kids anymore! So make the call today and see which cosmetic dental work is right for you.

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Going a Step Further with Teeth Cleaning


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Getting your teeth cleaned is a no brainer given the food we all eat. Every so often, however, you need to get more extensive treatment if you are smart.

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Dentists recommend that their patients receive a routine dental cleaning every six months. A regular dental cleaning is mostly for preventative purposes. It cleans the teeth more thoroughly than can be done at home. Sometimes dentists recommend that patients have a more thorough cleaning.

Dentists usually recommend a deep cleaning when there is evidence of bone loss or recession of the gums from the teeth. These are both signs that gum disease might occur. There are two parts to the process. The first is scaling. Scaling is done to remove plaque, which is present above and below the gum line. The second step is root plaining. The dentist will remove any rough spots on the root of the tooth. By smoothing out the tooth, the gum is more likely to reattach.

Not all patients need such thorough cleaning. There is also no standard amount of times that you should have it done. If a patient can benefit from it, the dentist will discuss it with the patient. This type of cleaning is usually only done when there is evidence of periodontal disease. After the cleaning, dentists will usually prescribe an antibiotic to help eliminate any remaining bacteria.

This procedure is usually done in the office of the dentist or oral surgeon. It is an outpatient, non-surgical procedure. It is usually done in two appointments. The dentist will give small shots in the gum line to numb the area. The procedure is usually not painful. Some patients might experience some pain when the shots are administered. There also might be a little sensitivity afterwards. Dentists will generally schedule a follow up appointment in about four to six weeks. They will determine what further treatment, if any, needs to be completed.

The costs depends a lot on what type of dental insurance a patient has. Some dental plans will pay for it as part of a prevention plan for periodontal disease. Other dental plans will require that a patient pay a deductible or a percentage of the cost themselves. If a patient does not have dental insurance, the cost can be several hundred dollars. If cost is a concern, the patient should discuss with their dentist whether the cleaning is essential. If so, the dentist might be able to work out a payment plan. Although it can be expensive, it can help prevent future damage that will cost a lot more to repair or treat.

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Going a Step Further with Teeth Cleaning