Romania redenominates its currency

Friday, July 1, 2005

Today, Romania introduces its new redenominated currency, the new leu (code: RON), which is valued at 10,000 old lei (code: ROL). The process, which is known as redenomination, started in March 2005 when Romania started dual-currency display and all prices had to be displayed in both the old leu and the new leu. Starting from today, the first notes and coins of the new leu will become legal tender, and the new leu will become the official currency of Romania.

The redenomination (or conversion from the old to the new leu) is simple — 10,000 old lei are replaced by 1 new leu. One US dollar will buy 2.98 new lei, while one euro will buy 3.6 new lei. After the similar redenomination by Turkey the old leu had been the world’s least valued currency unit, with the US dollar buying 29,891 lei and the euro buying 36,050 lei (on 30 June 2005). With the introduction of the new leu, Romania’s currency will be among the most highly-valued in the region.

The new leu notes and coins, introduced into circulation today, will circulate alongside the old lei until 31 December 2006, when the dual-currency period ends and all of the old lei are expected to be withdrawn. However, old lei can be exchanged at banks indefinitely.

The new notes come into denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 new lei. The largest note of the old leu was 1,000,000 lei, or 100 new lei. The largest note of the new leu is worth 500 new lei, or approximately US$167 and €139. New leu notes will also have the same dimensions as euro notes of similar value. Additionally, they will use the same colours and design as their corresponding old leu equivalent (for example, the 100 lei note will look similar to the 1,000,000 old lei note).

All notes will be printed on polymer materials. Romania was the first country in Europe to introduce polymer notes, in 1999.

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Lighten Your Rc Helicopters Model

You can get to know how to lighten rc helicopters models. For best performance of your models, lightness is very important, apart from a very careful construction, available to a few connoisseurs who know all the tricks.

In many online pictures you can see that points are arriving from the lighter, including electronic cables are replaced by a smaller section, other than to eliminate all unnecessary plastic. The rc helicopters propeller Axi 22o3 can be also lightened with a carbon propeller, after these light touches and quality components are obtained weights below 100 grams, this coupled with other secrets is what makes the plane has no inertia in flight.

Another way to lighten the engine, change the motor shaft, carbon steel, the results are spectacular, even the screw shaft to the housing is replaced by a carbon intern.

Steel shaft and propeller GSW

To perform this operation is very simple, apart from very fast, only doubt would be centering on the motor shaft, if undesirable vibrations appear. MicroDAM Motor, 1700 Kv, 2-3 polyps, 12.1 gms of weight. As we all know by now, the performance of our blades is one of the most important parts of the preparation of our model, both in competition and in the flight Sport. So we must keep in mind that balancing is critical to the performance of our rc helicopters propellers. Small vibrations can cause an improperly balanced propeller; it can result in a loss of power in our engine and a long-term decline. To correct my small imbalances have created the following propeller balancer. The mechanism is very simple, I just need two magnets strong enough to withstand the horizontal propeller and shaft of sharp, so we have less contact with the magnet.

In the case of a mismatch between the blades that are too high, it is not recommended (as seen in some drivers) cut the blade which weighs more, so that equal masses. This creates a performance difference between a shovel and another, a bigger problem than the imbalance of the propeller. Since a bucket pushes more than another.

If we have this gap and it is so high, it is more advisable to add weight to the lighter blade, this can be done simply with nail polish on the tip of the blade lighter. Try To clarify the rc helicopters doubts. You’ve probably seen many models in some parking lot of shopping centers, entertainment, vacant lots, soccer fields, etc. Get yours today.

China loans Ethiopia US$349 million for construction of expressway

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

China has loaned Ethiopia US$349 million worth of funds for the construction of the the country’s first modern expressway, making Ethiopia among the first beneficiaries of the recently implemented China-Africa development funding plan.

The road is to be close to 80 kilometres long, and will connect Nazaret (also called Adama), the country’s second-largest city, with the capital, Addis Ababa.

Funds from the Export-Import Bank of China are to be used to give the loans, according to the agreement. The deal was signed by Li Ruogu, the president of China’s Export-Import Bank, and Ahmed Shide, the Ethiopian state minister of finance and economic development.

According to the Ethiopian News Agency, the motorway is to be completed by 2014. The country has also agreed to other financial deals with China, mainly in the telecommunications and energy sectors.

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Japanese detain two anti-whaling activists, deny abuse claims

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yesterday at 6:00 UTC at 60° S 78° E , a Japanese whaling ship detained two Sea Shepherd Conservation Society activists in the Southern Ocean. Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research (IRC) deny Sea Shepherd claims that they have been abused. The Japanese government has assured the Australian Government the release of the men.

According to the conservation agency Sea Shepherd, Australian Benjamin Potts, 28, a helicopter assistant, and Briton Giles Lane, an engine room worker, were detained on board a Yushin Maru No. 2 after delivering a letter asking the ship to exit Antarctic waters .

Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd’s vessel, Steve Irwin, said that the Japanese “tried to throw them overboard, then they tied them to a bulkhead and were beating them”.

He alleged that the men were tied to the radar masts before being brought below deck after which the men were not seen. Sea Shepherd’s international director, Jonny Vasic, claimed that they were “basically strapped by the arms with zip-ties and tied with rope around their chests” for 2½ to three hours.

The captain said he was surprised as he expected Japanese whale ships to treated his men more decently.

“We are concerned but I know the Australian and British governments are in touch with the Japanese government.”

Sea Shepherd said it has photographic evidence that the whalers were abusing the men.

However, the Japanese ship refuted the allegations.

“Any accusations that we have tied them up or assaulted them are completely untrue,” Director-general of the IRC Minoru Morimoto said in the press release, “It is illegal to board another country’s vessels on the high seas.”

Detaining the activists was the “only way”, he said. “You couldn’t have them running around the deck not knowing what they’re going to do.”

He said that the activists were making attempts to entangle the screw and were throwing bottles of butyric acid, as rancid butter, onto the deck of the vessel before boarding the vessel. Mr Watson has confirmed this and said that they were to act as a stink bomb but their actions were still peaceful.

Hideki Moronuki, the chief of the whaling section of The Fisheries Agency of Japan, claimed that “nobody took violent action against the two illegal intruders”.

Mr. Moronuki said that they were treated “very, very humanely” and were provided with “a warm, delicious hot meal”, “[a] warm, nice bath” and “[a] nice bed with clean white sheets”.

Australian foreign minister Stephen Smith said that the Japanese government promised him the release of the men late yesterday night.

“Late last night I was advised the Japanese had agreed to this and they had instructed the relevant whaling ship to return the men to the Steve Irwin,” he told ABC radio.

Mr. Moronuki said the “two illegal intruders” will not be released by the vessel’s captain until “Paul Watson has accepted the conditions of the safety of the Japanese vessel”. He said he knew nothing of the comments that the Japanese government agreeing to release the men.

Mr. Watson said the Japanese were “[holding] hostages and make demands” and were acting like “a terrorist organisation”. A press release said Sea Shepherd “will not negotiate with poachers and demands that the Japanese whalers release Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane as soon as possible”.

Mr. Watson said he would not send a zodiac to collect the men as requested in an email because it “endangers the life of the crew, to put them out in these waters in a small boat, 10 miles out of view”.

On Sky TV, IRC spokesman Glenn Inwood said Sea Shepherd were “not answering phone calls or emails at this stage” to take advantage of “fair amount of media coverage” but they were “still making attempts to contact them”.

An Australian Federal Police spokeswoman said that Sea Shepherd made a police report at around 7:00 UTC.

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English Premier League: Week 33 round-up

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another nine games took place in the English Premier League this past weekend. Arsenal welcomed Liverpool to Emirates for round-two of their triple header, while fellow title-chasers Chelsea traveled to Manchester to take on Manchester City. In battle at the bottom of the table, Wigan and Birmingham faced off at the JJB, Newcastle welcomed Reading, and Sunderland visited Craven Cottage to play Fulham. In other matches Aston Villa took on Bolton, and Blackburn played host to Tottenham.

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A Quality Hvac System Is Essential For The Workplace}

Submitted by: Karam AboulHoda

HVAC is a form that represents the terms, Ventilation and Air Con. A HVAC system is one in all the comforts that square measure taken with no consideration till it stops operating properly. Usually unnoticed, these systems offer comfy air to buildings of any size however square measure sometimes employed in medium to giant workplace buildings and industrial buildings. By examining the aspects of a HVAC system, you’ll be able to higher perceive however it works and why it’s required.

Get the basics about HVAC systems so you can make an educated decision. We review general heating and cooling principles to help you understand your system before and after you make a purchase. As always, feel free to contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist if you have additional questions.

YouTube Preview Image

The first side during this sort of system is heating. The air is heated by a chamber, boiler or setup so forced through the building via ductwork or pipes and radiators. usually the constituent (boiler, furnace, etc.) is housed during a mechanical space that’s isolated from work areas because it tends to be a loud location. The heating side of this technique is important to maintaining comfy temperatures throughout the nice and cozy summer months. to boot, the utility supports the remainder of the building by preventing frozen pipes and varied alternative challenges that occur once a utility is insufficient.

The next side during this sort of system is ventilation. Ventilation is extremely vital in workplace buildings and industrial areas, as stale air will have an effect on work performance and also the overall health of the worker. You’ll be able to ventilate an area either automatically or naturally. Mechanical ventilation uses force (like a fan) to maneuver air. to boot, contemporary air is usually mixed with the inside air to boost wetness and quality. Sometimes, this is often the best thanks to scale back odors and wetness inside. Natural ventilation is that the method of freshening the air while not exploitation fans or alternative devices. Typically, this is often a straightforward as gap windows to permit contemporary air to flow into.

Air conditioning is that the final side during this sort of system. In heat months, air con is important for each cooling the air and removing wetness from the air. Adequate cooling is important for keeping workers (and customers) comfy on heat weather days. Once temperatures rise, giant buildings will usually become excessively heat in a {very} very fast manner. Whereas cool air is vital, reducing the wetness within the air is simply as vital. Excess wetness isn’t solely uncomfortable; however, it will cause major issues with mildew and alternative contaminants that thrive on heat wet.

When it involves businesses Health Fitness Articles, the question is sometimes not “will we’ve got a HVAC system?” however rather “what quite HVAC system can we have a tendency to have?” Contacting a licensed skilled is that the best course of action after you reach this stage in your business designing and preparation.

About the Author: ABOUT THE AUTHOR If your home’s heating system is rattling, malfunctioning or has even stopped working altogether, it may be time to contact a top-notch Dubai HVAC professional. Get more information at


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‘Noise’ takes on ‘Fockers’ in weekend box office race

Friday, January 7, 2005

After two weekends of box office domination, Universal Pictures’ Meet the Fockers will be challenged for the top spot by horror film White Noise, also from Universal, which opens in wide release Friday.

To be considered in wide release, a film must open or play in at least 1,000 theatres throughout the U.S. and Canada. With Noise being the only new wide release movie for the weekend, it looks to take advantage of movie goers looking from a change from holiday themed film fare.

Noise is a come-back attempt for Michael Keaton, who hasn’t had a hit movie since 1992’s Batman Returns. But according to one critic, this film may not be a comeback hit for Keaton.

White Noise never gives skeptics a chance to enjoy the film. I also suspect even believers will be bored,” Jack Garner, film critic for Gannet News Service said. Garner’s not alone in panning the film. According to web site, 87 percent of film critics in its survey have given the film a bad review.

“The nominal thriller White Noise is worthy neither of Michael Keaton’s talents nor even a desperate horror fan’s attention,” Manohla Dargis, film critic for the New York Times, said.

But not all reviews were bad. Hollywood Reporter critic, Kirk Honeycutt said, “Even though logic takes a holiday in White Noise, Geoffrey Sax, a British television director making his theatrical debut, lavishes enough craft on the paranormal thriller to send more than a few chills down the spine.”

The movie faces stiff competition as five other films have a wider release, playing in more theatres and reaching a larger potential audience. Universal’s Meet the Fockers, the sequel to 2000’s Meet the Parents is playing in about 1,000 more theatres than Noise and could dominate the box office for a third weekend.

‘Fockers’, starring Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, has made $186.5 million since its release Dec. 22, according to Box Office Mojo.

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Hungarian state-owned enterprise acquires Hirtenberger Defence Group

Thursday, November 7, 2019

On Monday, Hungarian daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet revealed a deal whereby, on October 29, Hungarian state-owned enterprise HDT Védelmi Ipari Kft. (HDT Limited) acquired Austrian mortar and shell manufacturer Hirtenberger Defence Group. Hirtenberger Defence Group also acknowledged the deal.

In the deal, Austrian, United Kingdom and New Zealand production sites are to be kept, with market sales expected to cover for the price in the long run. A government-guaranteed loan covered the costs, but the exact figure was kept secret.

The November 4 issue of Magyar Nemzet published an interview with Gáspár Maróth, the Hungarian Government commissioner responsible for defence, defence industries and coordinating defence modernization, in which the deal was announced. On the same day, the Hirtenberger Defence Group issued a corresponding press release.

While not naming any other bidders, Maróth said the Hungarian bid won after lengthy negotiations, out of mulitple competing offers. He said he expects no political turmoil between the neighboring Austria and Hungary over the sale. He also noted the acquisition fits into the Hungarian “outward investment” ((hu))Hungarian language: ?t?kekihelyezési strategy of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

The Austrian partner asked for the price to be kept secret, but the commissioner stated the purchase was financed by a loan, so it is not a burden on the state budget. With government resolution No. 1430/2019, the state issued an indemnity bond to cover for HDT’s 38.8 million euro loan, and daily Népszava covered the story with a headline pointing out that amount as the presumed price. The creditor Hungarian Development Bank is state-owned as well. Already-queued orders won’t leave idle capacity for some years, Maróth said, and paying back this loan seems realistic; unnamed industry experts called this dubious to Népszava, as the market is saturated and margins are thin, while noting this kind of equipment is needed by the Defence Forces.

The company structure remains unchanged and all sites continue to operate, but Hungarian engineers are to join the research and development team. Maróth pointed out it would have been much more costly and time-consuming to research mortar technology than to acquire it this way. He noted, “the army modernization does not just cover buying ‘hardware’ but technology transfer as well.” ((hu))Hungarian language: ?a hader? modernizációja a „vas” megvétele mellett a tudástranszferre is kiterjed.

Népszava noted the purchase appeared to circumvent the Ministry of Defence. HDT Limited was registered on August 6, 2019 and is under the aegis of Hungarian National Asset Management, Inc.

To modernize its military, in 2018, Hungary licensed Czech firearm technology and started assembling firearms in Kiskunfélegyháza, then agreed with Airbus to open a helicopter parts factory as a joint venture in Gyula.

US President Trump has called for NATO members to increase military spending. According to a March 14, 2019 NATO press release, Hungary spent an estimated 1.15% of its GDP on military expenditures in 2018; NATO guidelines call for 2%. Maróth noted the military had been “effectively disarmed” ((hu))Hungarian language: ?gyakorlatilag lefegyverzett by 2010, when Viktor Orbán regained the prime ministry of Hungary for his second term. Hungary launched a military development program dubbed “Zrínyi 2026” in 2017 to address structural and financial challenges faced by the Defence Force and to renew its equipment.

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Southern Minnesota plane crash kills eight

Thursday, July 31, 2008

At least eight people have been killed in a plane crash near the southern Minnesota town of Owatonna, the Associated Press and local media reported Thursday morning.

One person, who had been listed in critical condition as of 11:40 a.m. in the Owatonna hospital has died from injuries sustained in the accident, the Associated Press reported just before 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. At least one person is unaccounted for while investigator determine whether the person boarded the plane in New Jersey, according to the Steele County Sheriff’s Office.

Star Tribune reported that charter flight 81, a Raytheon BAE 125-800A commercial jet, had not landed properly on the 5,500 foot runway at Owatonna Degner Regional Airport just after 9:30 a.m local time en route from Atlantic City, New Jersey. The plane either tried to take off or could not stop in time.

The plane was owned by East Coast Jets Inc. of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Aviation Research Group told the Star Tribune that East Coast Jets operates 11 aircraft — Hawker and Lear jets — and employs 21 pilots.

“They have a good safety history,” ARG President Joe Moeggenberg told the Star Tribune, based on federal data. “There were no recent incidents.”

This model of aircraft “has a very good safety record; been around along time,” said Gary Robb, aviation expert and attorney with a Kansas City law firm that represents aviation crash victims.

Gary Robb, an aviation expert and attorney told the Star Tribune that the aircraft “has a very good safety record [and has] been around along time.”

According to the Star Tribune, the pilots have been identified as Clark Keefer of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Dan D’Ambrosio of Hellertown, Pennsylvania. Pilot error has not been identified as a cause for the crash, but investigators caution it is to early for any conclusions to be made.

Graphics released by the Star Tribune show that the plane ended up past the runway it was attempting to land on. The Associated Press reports that debris was scattered 500 feet beyond the runway.

The bodies have been taken to Rochester for examination, while the plane’s data recorders have been flown to Washington, DC.

Both WCCO-TV and the Star Tribune report that the time of the crash coincided with a line of storms moving through the area, though what effect, if any the storm had, is under investigation. Witnesses told the Star Tribune that the worst of the storm had gone at the time of the crash and only light wind and rain remained. The Associated Press confirms from the National Weather Service that “the storms were subsiding at the time of the crash.”

Owatonna resident John Billingsly, a retired pilot who worked at the airport for many years, told the Star Tribune, “I saw the plane making its final approach, and it appeared nothing was wrong. We’d just had a lot of wind, but it had calmed down a bit and mostly subsided by that time.”

The plane, a charter for Viracon, Inc. of Owatonna, was flying customers from “a couple of different companies” to discuss a $2 billion dollar casino and hotel project in Las Vegas, Nevada that Revel Entertainment is building. Atlantic City Mayor Scott Evans told the Associated Press that two high-level employees for Revel and an employee of Tishman Construction. Viracon is an architectural glass fabricator and Tishman is assisting Revel.

As of 5:00 a.m Friday, five of the victims, including the two pilots, have been identified by the Associated press.

APG International, a company specializing in glass facades, lost two executives: Marc Rosenberg, the chief operating officer, and Alan Barnett, an assistant project manager, according to the Glassboro, N.J. company’s spokeswoman Amelia Townsend.

The Tishman empoyee, the only victim identified, was project manager Karen Sandland, 44, based in Newark, New Jersey company spokesman Bud Perrone told the Associated Press.

The Revel employee’s idenities were released by the Star Tribune Friday, they are: Tony Craig, 50, of Brigantine, N.J., vice president of construction development; Chris Daul, 44, of Northfield, N.J., vice president of construction development; and Lawrence (Chip) Merrigan, 62, of Absecon N.J., director of field operations.

The crash is the deadliest in Minnesota since October 2002, when Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone and seven others died after their chartered twin-engine plane crashed in the woods near Eveleth, in Northern Minnesota, according to the Star Tribune.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), an independent agency responsible for investigation of accidents involving aviation, highway, marine, pipelines and railroads in the United States (except aircraft of the armed forces and the intelligence agencies), will be investigating the crash.

The NTSB reported Friday through the Star Tribute that the agency has 14 investigators working on the crash, with assistance from the FBI.

The NTSB reports two other fatal accidents since 1962 at Owatonna airport. A crash in 1992 killed one and injured another and a crash in 2004 killed four people.

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Benefits Of Plain Old Telephone Service (Pots) Lines Modern Telephony

Benefits of Plain Old Telephone Service (pots) Lines Modern Telephony


John Peterson124

In many parts of the world, plain old telephone service ISDN line, commonly known as landlines, remained the main form of telephony networks for both business and private users. This is the voice quality phone service, dating back to the late 19th century. While technology has brought a lot of changes, they have options that modern telephony as ISDN, cellular phones and VoIP are not.

This may be the main reason that, despite the introduction of advanced telephony services, the majority of offices and residents still keep their POTS network. This gives the force full-duplex voiceband a channel, where the human voice can to travel to the both of the directions, at one time. Other provisions of the operator\’s services, such as conference calls, subscriber dialing and call progress tones. This is for any phone service basics.

YouTube Preview Image

In addition, those with a landline Today you can order broadband service if they have their own computer systems to run faster. In this case,, pots will operate as a a new service basis, because one can now connect to the services provider\’s through the existing infrastructure phone line. When you add a broadband connection, your business uses the same cable network by telephone and the Internet.

It is also good to note that the plain old telephone service line is very consistent in comparison to the modern telephony. This ensures that your business is not getting irregular cut out at any time. It\’s a common the problem of, with the newly of technologies, such, the mobile phones and Voice-over See-For internet protocol.

Users should note that both mobile phones and VoIP are highly dependent on weather changes. Other disorders of these communication types of communication is the cell tower location issues, satellite positions and even electricity outages. On the other hand, the pot is very stable because they do not even have the power to act, especially if you use it for calls only.

Another benefit of using landlines The advantage of is the fact, that at the critical the case of, when people must contact 911, the operator can easily tell, where this is comes up. In this way, the caller can get immediate assistance. However, this is not the case with most types of VoIP or GSM phone case. With VoIP, the ability to instantly track the caller will depend on the service provider. Using a GPS tracking cell phones without service is through cell tower triangulation which can take a lot of time. This is the means that one is not going to to obtain timely support from the 911.

No special instructions are required to operate the pot equipment. Most of its features are simple and familiar to most people who have made calls in the past. This means that the business will not spend resources training employees on how to use it. However, it is not as modern communication systems. Some wireless systems may require special training to enable people to act.

Above are some using the plain old telephone service pots line benefits. Because the it\’s so well as the can easily to integrate with the with new technologies, it is a of vital it is important to maintain the it together advanced communications systems. One does not have to completely get rid of this kind of network. It can save your business a lot of money and time, especially in emergency situations.

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