The Perks Of Working At A Nursing Home}

Submitted by: Ellie Lewis

There are many reasons why anyone would want to obtain a nursing home job and the industry is growing as the baby boomer generation reaches their golden years. In addition to the growing number of elderly people in need of care from these facilities, skilled workers are needed to attend them. Those who work in nursing home jobs make their money by helping others who need the care. In addition, many facilities give their workers a number of benefits including tuition reimbursement, wellness benefits and funds to pay for their own retirement. Often workers will be able to make their own schedule, selecting one of three different shifts.

Health benefits are among the best reasons to think about working at a nursing home. Besides the aforementioned benefits offered, many facilities also give healthcare, dental and vision coverage to their employees. Retirement accounts are one of the greatest perks any worker can ask for and health benefits are a necessity in a country where they are otherwise difficult to come by.

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The flexible schedule attracts many an employee to the job, as a nine-to-five schedule is not attractive to everyone, especially those who are single parents and need to attend to their children during the day. Day, evening and overnight shifts are available to choose from though not every position allows for this kind of flexibility. Those who decide to work overnight may also earn more money per hour or earn a higher weekly salary. Anyone who works on holidays or weekends will certainly earn more money as well. In addition to parents, these jobs are also very attractive to students who must attend classes during the day.

Those who decide to enter this field will be doing a great service to the elderly. Because many older people have health problems, they require a great deal of assistance. Often their needs can only be met by living in a retirement community where there are attendants to help them at all hours. These jobs allow workers to make a positive impact in the lives of the elderly, by assisting them with their medical needs; serving them food and helping them stay entertained or otherwise intellectually stimulated. Each position in a retirement community serves to assist this community in some way, shape or form.

Though it may not be the first thing anyone thinks about, positions at retirement homes often offer a number of educational benefits. Some facilities offer tuition reimbursement for those who are currently taking classes at a university. Retirement homes offer this kind of assistance so that they may employ a highly qualified and educated staff. And students will be relieved to lose some of the thousands of dollars in debt that they have accumulated over the years. Usually students must agree to work for a facility for a certain amount of time after graduating to receive these benefits. Like bars and casinos, nursing homes are somewhat recession-proof; there will always be a need for these facilities. Therefore there will always be positions available for those qualified to fill positions in an elderly care facility.

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Race to save Chilean miners trapped underground from spiralling into depression continues

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It has emerged that the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground after the mine they were working in collapsed could be brought to the surface in a shorter time than was initially feared. While officials publicly announced that the men would not be brought to the surface until Christmas, sources inside technical meetings have revealed that they could in fact be on the surface by early November. The news comes as families were allowed to speak by radio-telephone to their trapped loved ones on Sunday. Over the weekend, video images filmed by the miners emerged showing the miners playing dominoes at a table and singing the Chilean national anthem. The miners also used the camera to send video messages to their families on the surface, saying that they regularly broke into tears, but were feeling better having received food and water.

The grainy nightvision images, filmed on a high definition camcorder that was sent down a small shaft to the mine, show the men in good spirits, chanting “long live Chile, and long live the miners.” They are unshaven and stripped to the waist because of the heat underground, and are seen wearing white clinical trousers that have been designed to keep them dry. Giving a guided tour of the area they are occupying, Mario Sepúlveda, one of the miners, explains they have a “little cup to brush our teeth”, and a place where they pray each day. “We have everything organized,” he tells the camera. Gesturing to the table in the center of the room, he says that “we meet here every day. We plan, we have assemblies here every day so that all the decisions we make are based on the thoughts of all 33.” Another unidentified miner asks to rescuers, “get us out of here soon, please.” A thermometer is shown in the video, reading 29.5C (85F).

As the film continues, it becomes evident that the miners have stuck a poster of a topless woman on the wall. The miners appear shy, and one man puts his hand to his face, presumably dazzled by the light mounted on the cameraman’s helmet. One miner sent a message to his family. “Be calm”, he says. “We’re going to get out of here. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts.” Another said that the miners are “sure that there are people here in Chile that are big people, that are powerful people, that are intelligent people, and they have the technology and they will all work together to get us out of here.” Speaking to the camera, one says: “we have had the great fortune that trapped in this mine there are good, professional people. We have electricians, we have mechanics, we have machine operators and we will let you know that while you are working to rescue us on the surface, we are down here ready to help you too.” It has been reported that Mario Gómez, 63, has become the group’s “spiritual leader”, having worked in the mines for over fifty years. He has requested that materials to build a shrine be sent down to the cavern.

Upon seeing the video in a private screening, family members, who are living in a small village of tents at the entrance to the San José copper-gold mine—which they have named Camp Hope—were elated. “He’s skinny, bearded and it was painful to see him with his head hanging down, but I am so happy to see him alive”, said Ruth Contreras, the mother of Carlos Bravo, who is trapped in the mine. The video, of which only a small portion has been released to the public, shows the miners, many of them wearing helmets, cracking jokes and thanking the rescuers for their continued efforts. The supplies are being sent to the men through a small shaft only twelve centimeters wide, and a laboratory has been set up with the purpose of designing collapsible cots and miniature sandwiches, which can be sent down such a narrow space.

CNN reported on Friday that “officials are splitting the men into two shifts so one group sleeps while the other works or has leisure time .. On average, each man has lost 22 pounds (10 kilograms) since they became trapped three weeks ago, and dehydration remains a threat. But a survey of the men indicates that at least nine miners are still too overweight to fit through the proposed rescue shaft. Initially, the miners survived by draining water from a water-cooled piece of equipment. To stay hydrated in the 90-degree mine, each miner must drink eight or nine pints of water per day.”

But while there are jubilant celebrations on the surface that the miners are alive, officials are now nervous that the miners could become depressed, trapped in a dark room the size of a small apartment. Chilean health minister Jaime Mañalich said that, on the video, he saw the telltale signs of depression. “They are more isolated, they don’t want to be on the screen, they are not eating well”, he said. “I would say depression is the correct word.” He said that doctors who had watched the video had observed the men suffering from “severe dermatological problems.” Dr. Rodrigo Figueroa, head of the trauma, stress and disaster unit at the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, explained that “following the euphoria of being discovered, the normal psychological reaction would be for the men to collapse in a combination of fatigue and stress … People who are trained for emergencies – like these miners – tend to minimize their own needs or to ignore them. When it is time to ask for help, they don’t.” NASA has advised emergency workers that entertaining the miners would be a good idea. They are to be sent a television system complete with taped football matches. Another dilemma facing Mañalich is whether the miners should be permitted to smoke underground. While nicotine gum has been delivered to the miners, sending down cigarettes is a plan that has not been ruled out.

With the news that drilling of the main rescue tunnel was expected to begin on Monday, officials have informed the media that they hope to have the miners out of the mine by Christmas—but sources with access to technical meetings have suggested that the miners could actually be rescued by the first week of November. A news report described the rescue plan—”the main focus is a machine that bores straight down to 688m and creates a chimney-type duct that could be used to haul the miners out one by one in a rescue basket. A second drilling operation will attempt to intercept a mining tunnel at a depth of roughly 350m. The miners would then have to make their way through several miles of dark, muddy tunnels and meet the rescue drill at roughly the halfway point of their current depth of 688m.” Iván Viveros Aranas, a Chilean policeman working at Camp Hope, told reporters that Chile “has shown a unity regardless of religion or social class. You see people arriving here just to volunteer, they have no relation at all to these families.”

But over the weekend, The New York Times reported that the “miners who have astonished the world with their discipline a half-mile underground will have to aid their own escape — clearing 3,000 to 4,000 tons of rock that will fall as the rescue hole is drilled, the engineer in charge of drilling said Sunday … The work will require about a half-dozen men working in shifts 24 hours a day.” Andrés Sougarret, a senior engineer involved in operating the drill said that “the miners are going to have to take out all that material as it falls.”

The families of those trapped were allowed to speak to them by radio-telephone on Sunday—a possibility that brought reassurance both the miners and those on the surface. The Intendant of the Atacama Region, Ximena Matas, said that there had been “moments of great emotion.” She continued to say that the families “listened with great interest and they both felt and realized that the men are well. This has been a very important moment, which no doubt strengthens their [the miners’] morale.” The phone line is thought to be quite temperamental, but it is hoped that soon, those in the mine and those in Camp Hope will be able to talk every day. “To hear his voice was a balm to my heart … He is aware that the rescue is not going to happen today, that it will take some time. He asked us to stay calm as everything is going to be OK … He sounded relaxed and since it was so short I didn’t manage to ask anything. Twenty seconds was nothing”, said said Jessica Cortés, who spoke to her husband Víctor Zamora, who was not even a miner, but a vehicle mechanic. “He went in that day because a vehicle had broken down inside the mine … At first they told us he had been crushed [to death].”

Esteban Rojas sent up a letter from inside the mine, proposing to his long-time partner Jessica Yáñez, 43. While they have officially been married for 25 years, their wedding was a civil service—but Rojas has now promised to have a church ceremony which is customary in Chile. “Please keep praying that we get out of this alive. And when I do get out, we will buy a dress and get married,” the letter read. Yáñez told a newspaper that she thought he was never going to ask her. “We have talked about it before, but he never asked me … He knows that however long it takes, I’ll wait for him, because with him I’ve been through good and bad.”

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Local Company Now Offers Superior Property Management And Rental Services

By Hal Fassett

Local Company Now Offers Superior Property Management and Rental Services

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MEXICO (August 24, 2011) –, a local Puerto Vallarta business, now offers property management, property rental, and other real estate services. Primarily a custom furniture store,’s associates are now putting their knowledge of the region and understanding of the local resort business to use by offering superior property management and rental services to their clients.

For Those Looking to Rent a Place In Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a resort city located halfway down Mexico’s west coast and nestled along the Bay of Flags, or Bahia de Banderas in Spanish. Well-known for its beautiful sunsets, its beaches lined with outdoor seafood restaurants, and its botanical and zoological gardens, Puerto Vallarta draws tourists from all over the world who are looking for a little slice of paradise.

Staying at a local property, rather than at a hotel, can add a personalized, comfortable feeling to the visitor’s trip to Puerto Vallarta. manages several lovely and luxurious properties available to rent. Visitors who choose a property will enjoy the following benefits:

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* will handle both pick-up and drop-off from the airport.

* Guests will enjoy catered breakfast, lunch, or dinner, including service and clean-up.

* All rental properties receive full daily or weekly maid service, as well as maid service in between rental occupancies; all properties are spotlessly clean.

For Those Renting Their Properties is also pleased to offer property owners excellent property management services. All potential renters of an owner’s property are pre-screened to ensure that the property will be well-cared for. When guests check out of the property, verifies that there are no items missing and that no damage has been done to the property. also offers bill paying options and monthly or bi-weekly property maintenance. Property owners will not have to worry about upkeep or utility payments when they are out of town. When owners decide to sell their property,’s associates can help with that, too.

Other Real Estate Services

For those looking to buy or sell a beautiful vacation property in Puerto Vallarta, can help. At the present time, is selling condominium units at Punta Esmeralda, a new development of luxury condominiums located midway between Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita. Containing townhouses, villas, and luxury condos, the development will eventually include a total of 230 living units, a beach club, spa and gym, eight Venetian-tiled swimming pools, and tennis courts.

Floor plans vary from two to four bedrooms, each one with air-conditioning, reserved parking spaces, granite counters, and marble floors. Unit prices start at US$530,000. Contact for more information about purchasing one of these splendid new units.

Five minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta will be Icon Vallarta, a set of three high-rise luxury towers containing 336 condominiums and seven swimming pools. Prices for these luxury units begin at just US$280,000 for a one-bedroom condominium.

Breathtaking penthouse units will sell for as much as US$1.5 million. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean or the mountains to the east, spacious terraces and balconies, and interiors designed by the world-renowned firm of YOO by Phillippe Starck, residents of Icon Vallarta will truly feel that they have entered paradise.

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, contact them today on their website,

, and click on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the page.


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Countries around the world send aid, help to Haiti

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Countries and organizations from around the world are sending aid and help to victims of the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday, damaging many buildings. The death toll is currently unknown, but estimated to run into the tens of thousands of people.

US president Barack Obama said in a press conference that “I’ve directed my administration to launch a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives and support the recovery in Haiti.”

Obama announced that aid from the US armed forces was coming to Haiti, noting, “Several Coast Guard cutters are already there providing everything from basic services like water, to vital technical support for this massive logistical operation.”

Obama continued: “[…] today, I’m also announcing an immediate investment of $100 million to support our relief efforts. This will mean more of the life-saving equipment, food, water and medicine that will be needed. This investment will grow over the coming year as we embark on the long-term recovery from this unimaginable tragedy.”

Obama said that the US would forge partnerships with Haitian people and Haitian-Americans, along with United Nations peacekeepers. He closed by saying, “To the people of Haiti, we say clearly, and with conviction, you will not be forsaken; you will not be forgotten. In this, your hour of greatest need, America stands with you. The world stands with you.”

The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon said that $10 million is being released from the international organization’s central emergency response fund.

Meanwhile, the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP), which already has an existing operation in the country, is beginning to distribute high energy biscuits which require no preparation before eating. On top of that, the WFP is airlifting 86 metric tons of food from their emergency hub in El Salvador.

A spokesperson for the WFP said, “In a normal day the World Food Programme will be feeding one or two million people in Haiti — and now we need to do even more, because the people have lost everything.”

China is also pledging aid to the country, despite the lack of official diplomatic ties between the two countries. Haiti recognizes the Republic of China, better known as Taiwan. Nevertheless, China has sent a 60 member search and rescue team to Haiti and the Chinese Red Cross is donating one million dollars in emergency aid.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu said her country expresses sympathy to the Haitian government and people. Jiang says the Chinese foreign minister has sent a telegram of condolence to his Haitian counterparts.

An 80 member team from the United Kingdom of search and rescue specialists has arrived in Haiti to help in efforts there. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said in a joint press conference with Toaiseach of Ireland Brian Cowen that the team has arrived in the country. He also announced that the government is pledging to match the UN’s US$10 million (£6.1 million).

Brown said, “It is a tragedy beyond imagination and there is a deep sense of loss felt by the whole of the British and Irish people about the tragedy that individual families in Haiti are experiencing at the moment. We send our message of sympathy and support to the people of Haiti at this most difficult of times.”

He added, “Where men, women and children are suffering under the heaviest of burdens, that place must, for that moment, become the centre of our world’s attention, the world’s compassion and the world’s humanitarian help.”

France is also sending aid to the French-speaking country, which at one time was a colony of France known as Saint-Domingue. France is sending two planes with rescuers and aid. Civil safety authorities in France are sending a team of 130 members consisting of rescuers, trained rescue dogs, doctors and nurses along with 12,000 tons of aid and rescue supplies.

Israel is sending rescue forces in two El Al planes carrying a 121-member delegation that includes 40 doctors, five search-and-rescue teams, and an army rescue squad. The IDF medical teams are preparing to spend two weeks in Haiti.

Spain has pledged $4.3 million (3 million) in aid money and has 150 tons of aid ready to be delivered.

South Africa is sending a team of search and rescue specialists to Haiti in response to the devastating earthquake on Tuesday. It is the first of several teams being sent by a local civic group.

The head of South Africa’s Gift of the Givers Foundation, Emtiaz Sooliman, says his group is sending up to three teams of search and rescue specialists to Haiti to help victims of the earthquake and hopefully save some lives.

“These are people who have worked with building collapses, urban search and rescue and some of them have been involved in responding to previous earthquakes so they are highly skilled,” he said.

Sooliman says a second team is to depart as soon as he can book a flight for it.

 This story has updates See Haiti relief efforts: in depth 

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Candle knocked over during voodoo sex ritual causes apartment fire

Saturday, February 26, 2011

An elderly Brooklyn, New York woman was found dead yesterday after a fire triggered by a voodoo ceremony caused a blaze in an apartment that left dozens homeless. The details of the ceremony were not clear, but sources say it led to sex.

An unidentified woman hired a Voodoo priest for $300, identified as Nelson (Pepe) Pierre, to perform a mystic ceremony meant to bring her good luck. The woman went to Pierre’s apartment, where she ended up in bed surrounded by lit candles which were mistakenly knocked over, setting the bedsheets on fire. In an effort to suppress the flames, Pierre splashed water from the bathroom sink on the sheets while his roommate, who was ironing at the time, opened a window for air. However, according to the New York Fire Department, wind gusting through the open window created a “blowtorch effect” which caused the fire to spread to the 4th floor hallway and into the 5th and 6th floors. The blaze killed one woman, three others were severely injured, and at least 20 firefighters were left with burn wounds.

Time and time again we respond to tragedies that could have been so easily prevented … hopefully others will learn from this tragedy

In an NYFD statement, Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano said, “Time and time again we respond to tragedies that could have been so easily prevented. This fire had so many of those elements … hopefully others will learn from this tragedy.” It took hours for hundreds of firemen from dozens of companies to bring the raging fire under control.

Pierre, a man in his 60s, did not call 911 right away, but attempted to quell the fire using water from the bathroom sink. A source in law enforcement said, “Nobody sees a crime right now. It was an accident. Maybe they weren’t careful, but they did try to put it out.”

Mary Feagin, a 64-year old retired teacher, died in the blaze.

The New York Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

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Hurricane Dennis makes landfall on Gulf Coast near Pensacola

Monday, July 11, 2005

Hurricane Dennis regained strength during its north-westerly crossing of the Gulf of Mexico to surge into Florida’s western panhandle near Mobile, Alabama with Category 3 force that packed sustained winds of 120 mph.

Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Escambia were the first Florida counties hit by the eyewall of the hurricane at 3:25 EDT Sunday afternoon.The small storm eye of the powerful hurricane spared the region more major destruction.

The compact storm picked up travel speed from 14 to 18 mph as it came to within 3 hours of landfall, where the storm’s eye made for the Pensacola Bay. Its strength suddenly dropped from Category 4 before it struck land and moved swiftly inland. It continued to gain speed, traveling at 21 mph, while its strength sapped to Category 2 on a track into the Ohio Valley.

Residents of Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola who remained in the region, were told hours before the storm’s arrival that storm shelters were full, and they were urged to stay home or find other shelter. In Escambia County Florida, officials announced at 2pm they were no longer able to respond to 911 calls for help due to the high winds.

The storm came 10 months after Hurricane Ivan, which struck the panhandle and Mobile Bay region last year. Dennis landed just 50 miles east of Ivan’s, where recovery efforts from that storm were still ongoing. The Dennis landfall matched Ivan’s Category 3 wind speeds.

Power outages were reported in Mobile and across the panhandle. Florida governor Jeb Bush promised in a televised press conference that all efforts to restore power would be done as quickly as possible so that, “people can help themselves” recover from the storm. A hospital administrator at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola said it lost power at 2:30pm, and can operate 60 hours using back-up power generators.

Sunday evening, President Bush declared that Florida has major disaster areas, making the state eligible for FEMA assistance.

In Alabama, interstate highway I-65 was re-routed for northbound traffic only when an evacuation order was issued on Friday, by Governor Riley, for Mobile and Baldwin counties. Northern parts of the state, up into the southern part of Tennessee, were booked full with those who evacuated. A curfew lifted Sunday at 6pm in the city of Mobile.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast region was victim of the Category 5 storm, Hurricane Camille, in 1969.

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What You Need To Know About Stationery Design

Submitted by: Charen Smith

Good branding is important for any business. It will tell people how different you are from your competitions and create an emotional connection with your target customers. It will touch the minds and hearts of your customers in a way that no other material can. This is the main reason why it is important that you put enough effort in creating your brand and make your business recognizable in the market. This is where your well-designed stationery will play an important role in spreading your brand and letting people know about it.

Attractive stationery will ensure that your business gets a positive impression and promote awareness in the market. It will let you establish your brand in the business ring and give people a high regard for your business. It will make you look presentable in front of your customers and prospects and tell them your own business story. In most instances, building a good impression and brand can take years to do, but with your stationery you are step ahead of your competitions.

Ensuring that your stationery is presentable and attractive takes some hard work. If you want an easy way to get things rolling for your business, here s what you need to know about stationery design:

YouTube Preview Image

1- Your logo should be integrated in your stationery. It is the main brand identity that will give impact to your marketing piece. You need to be very careful with where you place your logo. A poorly designed material will only give a depressing impression that will result in loss of credibility.

2- If you think that colored stationery is ideal for your business, you can order it in cream, gray or light blue color. Otherwise, stick with the basic white color. If you choose colored paper, make sure that it reflects well on your business and that it will give you good impression. Remember that you will be communicating a message to your customers so it s important that you do it well.

3- Use high quality and sturdy paper that will ensure your message is delivered effectively and in good condition to your target customers. Ask your printer or graphic designer which type of paper is best for your business so you are assured of high quality service.

4- Your complete contact information should be in the stationery. This includes your name, business name, phone numbers, email, and website. Be sure the details are correct so people get to contact you easily.

5- There are ready made templates you can use to design your material, but this will give you a design that looks generic. If you want a unique design, go for custom stationery. This will provide you better image and let you create a good impact to your customers and prospects.

6- Ask for price quotes from different printers first before deciding on which printing company to get your materials printed. This will help get great savings of your marketing dollars.

7- Consider quality of print job when looking for a printer. Keep in mind that quality materials will give you quality impression as well.

Be sure to spend enough time and investment in designing and printing your stationery. If don t effectively, you be assured that your material will be the greatest marketing tool your business can ever have.

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Three injured in a school shooting in Idaho, US; sixth grader in custody

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Two students and a school employee have been injured following a shooting at Rigby Middle School in Idaho, United States, on Thursday, with a sixth grader in custody.

According to Jefferson County sheriff Steve Anderson, the sixth grader — who attends the middle school and lives in Idaho Falls — pulled out a handgun from her backpack, firing the gun both in and outside the school, with a teacher managing to disarm the student. Police were called to the school at about 9:15AM local time, and the suspect was taken in the custody of the local sheriff’s office.

The trauma medical director at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Dr. Michael Lemon, has stated the three injured people had non-life threatening injuries to the extremities. The school employee has been treated and released from medical care. A warrant has been issued against an Idaho Falls residence in relation to the shooting.

School was cancelled in the district for Friday. The local school superintendent, Chad Martin, told “this is the worst nightmare a school district could ever face”, and “our hearts and our prayers go out to the victims and their families and all those involved”. A student at the school — 12-year-old Yandel Rodriguez — told the Associated Press “me and my classmate were just in class with our teacher — we were doing work — and then all of a sudden, here was a loud noise and then there were two more loud noises. Then there was screaming”.

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2007 Ig Nobel Prize winners announced

Friday, October 5, 2007

The winners of the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize have been announced. The awards, given out every early October since 1991 by the Annals of Improbable Research, are a parody of the Nobel Prize, which are awards given out in several fields. The awards are given to achievements that, “first make people laugh, and then make them think.” They were presented at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater.

Ten awards have been presented, each given to a different field. The winners are:

  • Medicine: Brian Witcombe, of Gloucestershire Royal NHS Foundation Trust, UK, and Dan Meyer, who studied the health consequences of sword swallowing.
  • Physics: A team from the USA and Chile, who made a study about how cloth sheets become wrinkled.
  • Biology: Dr Johanna van Bronswijk of the Netherlands, for carrying out a census of creatures that live in people’s beds.
  • Chemistry: Mayu Yamamoto, from Japan, for creating a method of extracting vanilla fragrance and flavouring from cow dung.
  • Linguistics: A team from the University of Barcelona, who discovered that rats cannot tell the difference between Japanese and Dutch when spoken backwards.
  • Literature: Glenda Browne of Blue Mountains, Australia, for her study on how the word “The” confuses people when they try to put things in alphabetical order.
  • Peace: The US Air Force Wright Laboratory for trying to develop a “Gay bomb” that would turn enemy soldiers homosexual.
  • Nutrition: Brian Wansink of Cornell University for his investigation into the limits of the human appetite, by using a self-refilling “bottomless” bowl of soup.
  • Economics: Kuo Cheng Hsieh of Taiwan, for patenting a machine that catches bank robbers by dropping a net on top of them.
  • Aviation: A team from the National University of Quilmes, Argentina, for discovering that impotency drugs can help hamsters recover from jet lag.
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New Home Construction Project

New Home Construction Project


Lawrence Soto

Some home builders in PA will also offer a special program that can help homeowners sell their old home in the highest market value available, easing the process of purchasing their new home.


If you are a current builder, it might be smart to look into building more homes that will be energy star rated. This is true for not only affordable homes, but also for very big custom homes. The saleability of a house that was created to be efficient and inexpensive is much higher compared to a house that is built traditionally. Many people are starting to really keep their funds closely monitored and seen, so a great feature for an energy star home is that it will cost less per square base than other homes which were not built with electrical power star ratings.

YouTube Preview Image

When creating a house to be power efficient, there are many areas of the home that will be directly affected mind you you install certain things. This ranges from certain windows, to specific home heating and air systems. Some builders might believe that the money necessary an energy star home is going to be much more expensive than building a house traditionally, but this is not true. There are certain techniques in building a house that is friendly to the environment and low on monthly utility bills that home builders may well learn and use so the construction cost of your home does not go up too much.

The main account when building an energy star home is how well the house will hold heat, or how well it will hold cold air. A significant consideration of this is where you intend on installing insulation for the home, and what form of insulation you use. Don\’t forget to use energy efficient insulation that\’s proven to hold heat quite as good as other types of padding. After selecting the right version of insulation, a builder ought not only install it in traditional areas such as an attic or outside walls walls, but also propose to install it in some interior walls too. The floor is also an area where builders should install insulation to really separate the different levels of the home.

Things that effectively work with the highly efficient insulation that is installed is to use high grade windows which protect the interior of your home from UV rays, and help in keeping outside temperatures from producing your HVAC units operate constantly. Your HVAC system are going to be highly efficient from the units all the way to the how this duct work is put in. Most steps to becoming an energy star home are small to adopt, but they end up saving the future home owner a ton of money on cost of residing.


When building a brand-new home, it is important to be familiar with the current state laws as well as the benefits of installing a computerized fire sprinkler system. While the state of hawaii no longer requires the installation of automatic fire sprinklers in most new homes, home buyers and home builders should check your codes and requirements in the city or municipality that the new home is being integrated. Local codes can still require the use and some local government authorities even offer incentives. You can find information online about local and state regulations through the entire U. S. by visiting the National Fire Sprinkler Association\’s website: http: //www. nfsa.

Looking to build or remodel

5 Things Custom Built New Homes Should Have

to find the technology that Cisney & O\’Donnell present. Please visit our online site

A Guide to Selecting the Right New Home Builders


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