Proper Air Conditioner Repair In Wichita, Kansas Will Keep Your Forced Air System Functional For Years

byAlma Abell

Modern air conditioning systems come in three basic varieties. Perhaps the most common of these products found in the city of Wichita, Kansas, is the ubiquitous, portable air conditioner often defined as the ‘window unit’. This small appliance comes in a variety of configurations and an output rating that matches. Unlike the larger forced air systems common in many houses, the window air conditioning appliance is not rated in tons. In fact, the manufacturers of window based units measure the machine’s output using the BTU or British Thermal Unit.

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Basically, the BTU is the exact amount of heat that it takes to elevate the temperature of one pound of water precisely one degree Fahrenheit at a constant pressure of one atmosphere. Unfortunately, several BTU definitions exist with some minuscule variations in accuracy, but a general approximation of the BTU is the amount of heat produced when a simple wooden match is burned. Understanding this tidbit of information might make it easier for you to grasp why fairly large window air conditioners are rated at five thousand BTU and central air systems are rated in the ton. In this case a ton is the term that defines the heat extraction capability of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and is approximately twelve thousand BTU/h.

With this information at hand you can see why a weak, dirty or undercharged air conditioner will struggle to keep the proper efficiency required to cool a room. To fix this problem you need a technician skilled in Air Conditioner Repair in Wichita Kansas to service your central air system. This service usually includes cleaning, charging or replacing the refrigerant in the lines and testing the circuitry. Maintaining the proper refrigerant level is crucial. When the level is too low the compressor can’t condense the coolant correctly and it won’t collect the ambient heat properly. If the refrigerant is over charged then condensing it could cause a rupture in the coolant lines or coils.

Another crucial Air Conditioner Repair in Wichita, Kansas is removing the evaporator coil and washing it in an acid bath. This procedure removes all the grime that builds up between the fins that help the coil collect heat. Smart heating and air conditioning contractors like Kelley and Dawson Heating and Cooling Service know that keeping the evaporator coil clean will also eliminate an unnecessary Furnace Repair.

‘Troopergate’ investigation finds Palin abused her power

Saturday, October 11, 2008

An Alaskan legislative investigation, nicknamed ‘Troopergate‘, concluded Friday that Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin had abused her power during her time as Alaskan governor.

The report, released by a bipartisan investigative committee, found that Palin had violated the state Ethics Act when she allowed her husband to pressure former Commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan into firing state trooper Mike Wooten; however, she was well within her rights to fire Monegan because of disagreement on budget cuts.

Sarah Palin had “knowingly permitted a situation to continue where impermissible pressure was placed on several subordinates in order to advance a personal agenda,” the report went on to say.

Todd Palin, her husband, admitted to trying to forcefully remove Wooten because of alleged actions such as driving under the influence, threatening Palin’s father, and using a Taser gun on his son. The pressure came after a hostile divorce between the governor’s sister and ex-husband, who was accused of threatening the family.

The governor’s explanations of her reasons for firing Monegan had been inconsistent, from denying a “personality conflict” to insubordination and incompetence. She consistently denied, however, the firing being related to Wooten.

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“The Palins make no apologies,” a statement released by her campaign said, “for wanting to protect their family and wanting to bring attention to the injustice of a violent trooper keeping his badge and abusing the workers’ compensation system”.

While the investigative committee had agreed unanimously to release the report, a few Republicans on the panel had attempted to halt the investigation, citing political bias. Republican Senator Gary Stevens warned voters to be “cautious” and to “realize there’s much more in it than just the one-page findings”.

EPA declares ’emergency’ asbestos cleanup in Montana town

Saturday, June 20, 2009

For the past ten years, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been overseeing the asbestos clean-up in the small town of Libby, Montana, which has been on the EPA’s Superfund National Priorities List since 2002.

On Wednesday, the Obama administration declared Libby and the immediate area a “public health emergency”. Under this state of emergency the EPA is increasing clean-up assistance and medical care. According to federal prosecutors, asbestos has taken 200 lives and is the root cause of at least 1,000 illnesses in the surrounding area.

“This is a tragic public health situation that has not received the recognition it deserves by the federal government for far too long,” according to EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

In the 1920’s The Zonolite Company began producing vermiculite, a mineral that is often used in insulation. Between 1963 and 1990, W.R. Grace & Company took over the mine operations. Tremolite asbestos was discovered in the vermiculite product. A study conducted by the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry discovered that the incidence of asbestosis in the population of the mine site area is far higher than the national average.

Airborne asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma, a cancer which develops in the sac surrounding the lungs and chest cavity, the abdominal cavity, or the sac surrounding the heart. Prolonged exposure can lead to lung scarring, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Patients diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma generally are left with six months to a year before death.

We will continue to push until Libby has a clean bill of health.

The tremolite dust from the mine began leaking into the air from the plant in 1919. This resulted in a hazy asbestos dust cloud covering lawns, cars, clothing, and school athletic fields, creating an issue that citizens of Libby had to deal with on an everyday basis. The large amount of dust gave the impression of the aftereffects of a light sandstorm.

W. R. Grace and Company did not deny that asbestos was found contaminating the vermiculite in the old mine. They said they proceeded in a responsible manner to clean up contamination following the mine closure. Grace will reimburse the EPA for US$250 million of the US$333 million that the EPA and the Department of Health and Human Services has set aside for medical expenses and asbestos clean-up. This money will be invested over the next five years, and does not include the millions in medical costs already footed by the company for residents of Libby and the nearby town of Troy.

“Today is the day that after years of work we were able to succeed in getting this [emergency declaration] done,” Senator from Montana Max Baucus said, speaking at the EPA press conference. “We will continue to push until Libby has a clean bill of health.”

What Is The Difference Between An Absolute And A Limited Divorce?


In the state of Maryland petitioners must review the different types of divorce before filing. In the state, there are two primary forms of divorce. They are absolute and limited divorce. While the proceedings are similar, the divorces are completely different.

What is an Absolute Divorce?

An absolute divorce is the dissolution of the marriage. In these proceedings, the couple determines what party acquires child custody and how their property is divided. With child custody, the parties have the option to choose sole or joint custody. With property division, all property that is owned jointly offers both parties with an interest. The court could rule that both parties can continue to use the property, or that it is necessary to sell it.

As the court assigns ownership of marital property, the current financial state of each party is evaluated. If a spouse cannot earn an income that allows them to maintain the same lifestyle as they had during the marriage, he or she may receive a higher award. However, under these circumstances, the court may also award alimony payments to assist them until they can complete a college program or find more suitable employment. To discuss an absolute divorce contact a Family Lawyer Timonium MD today.

Reviewing a Limited Divorce

A limited divorce is essentially a legal separation. The parties remain married and live separately. Couples who seek a limited divorce may not possess the ground required under Maryland law to acquire an absolute divorce. They could also face difficulties in their marriage in which they aren’t able to dissolve. During the limited divorce, the couple maintains the same rights as they would prior to these proceedings. This form of divorce helps them to determine if they want to end the marriage completely.

Couples facing difficulties that they can’t settle on their own should consider the benefits of both forms of divorce available in Maryland. They allow these couples to seek an amicable solution to their issues without further issues. To acquire information about these proceedings hire a Family Lawyer Timonium MD by contacting Maria Caruso or Click here for more information.

Scottish Justice Secretary ‘acutely aware of unusual publicity’ in Kular case

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wikinews has obtained a letter by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill to former Conservative justice spokesman John Lamont in response to questions raised by our correspondent about the Mikaeel Kular murder case. Wikinews has investigated possible contempt by media publishing potentially prejudicial material, and MacAskill wrote he has “been following the case of Mikaeel Kular and [is] acutely aware of the unusual publicity this case has attracted.”

When Mikaeel Kular, three, vanished from his Edinburgh home last month police and volunteers scoured the capital for him. His body was found in Fife just before midnight on January 17, and his mother was arrested on January 18. That’s when Wikinews first reported on possible widespread contempt by UK and Scottish media.

Our correspondent is based in Scotland and has been advised by a lawyer not to identify anybody detained until they have appeared in court, even if they have been arrested and charged. Professor James Chalmers of the University of Glasgow has since reviewed our coverage and confirmed this position. Despite that a large number of major media outlets identified Rosdeep Adekoya, nee Kular, 33, as the arrested individual.

Adekoya has since been in Edinburgh Sheriff Court charged with murdering her son. She is in custody pending indictment and trial, but any eyewitness evidence may be tainted because her image has been widely published. This is common practice elsewhere in the UK but Scottish justice works differently and courts have viewed publication of photos as potentially prejudicial. Professor Pamela Ferguson of the University of Dundee notes “journalists do seem to be walking a dangerous line if publishing photos etc of suspects.” Crown Office, which is in overall charge of prosecutions, has indicated to journalists that no further comment will be made at least until indictment.

MacAskill however expressed confidence in the Scottish court system to deal with the situation. “I am confident… the courts themselves will intervene if they believe publicity is in danger of being prejudicial.” He also wrote to Lamont that he has faith in the court to successfully direct any jury that may try the case in order to maintain fairness.

The courts have said that the only safe route to avoid committing a contempt is to avoid publishing a photograph

The Contempt of Court Act 1981 is designed to prevent prejudicial material going in front of juries before trial. Although UK-wide legislation, the law is interpreted differently north of the border than in England and Wales. Witnesses in Scotland may be asked to identify accused persons standing in the dock. The BBC College of Journalism advises legal advice be sought ahead of publishing photos and notes it has previously been ruled contempt. The BBC used the accused’s photo prominently in their own online coverage.

Chalmers explains: “It may be a contempt of court to create a substantial risk of serious prejudice to someone’s right to a fair trial. A photograph might do this in a case where identification is an issue; on the face of it, that does not seem especially likely in this case, but it is impossible to know for certain at this point. The courts have said that the only safe route to avoid committing a contempt is to avoid publishing a photograph, but that does not mean that publishing a photograph is automatically a contempt.” MacAskill noted “the kind of issue that publicity might raise may become apparent only during the trial itself.”

Contempt has been a considerable issue in the UK in recent years after high-profile cases. In one instance a charge against serial killer Levi Bellfield was dropped owing to publicity while the jury were deliberating; in another, newspapers were fined and sued for libel over reporting on the arrest of a suspect who turned out to be innocent in a prominent investigation.

A proposal was mooted to ban identification of suspects arrested anywhere in the UK, but this was subsequently shelved. MacAskill confirmed “the Scottish Government is content with the way the courts are operating the rules on contempt of court in Scotland at the moment and has no plans to make changes.” He also wrote of the difficulties with trying to individually cover all eventualities with prescriptive legislation, saying “A trial for a sexual offence will raise very different issues — particularly of protecting victims — from those that are raised by a tax fraud trial.”

MacAskill says it is the Scottish Government’s position that the task of “counterbalancing the public interest in reporting with upholding the criminal law should be left to those whose job it is to do so — the courts and the judiciary, acting in the individual circumstances of the case”.

Protests in Greece over proposed budget cuts

Monday, May 3, 2010

Widespread protests occurred Saturday against measures being enacted by the Greek government to reduce spending in order to reduce a severe debt crisis.

The capital of Athens was filled with an estimated 17,000 protesters at gatherings called by three separate political groups. During the protests, small groups of youth broke windows of several buildings, set a government press van on fire, burned trash barrels in barricades and threw rocks and firebombs at police officers.

Riot police arrested at least fourteen people and sprayed tear gas to disperse crowds. Seven policemen and two demonstrators were reported to be injured. Another estimated 5.000 people took to the streets in Thessaloniki.

The demonstrations were called to protest against government plans to cut major portions of the national budget in order to receive an estimated 120 billion euros in aid from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The government formally requested the activation of the bailout plan on April 23, 2010, after the cost of borrowing funds on the open market became prohibitively high.

About 9 billion euros in Greek government bonds will come due on May 19th; without the ability to borrow from the market, government officials had to turn elsewhere. The looming deadline, in combination with the recent uncertainty of the markets over the economic stability of Greece, Portugal and Spain, has put pressure on Greek, IMF and EU negotiators to work out the final details of the aid plan quickly so that it can go into effect as soon as possible.

Among the items to be agreed upon are the exact measures the Greek government is going to put in place over the next three years to cut its debt, and the precise amount of aid it will receive in exchange. The Greek Cabinet is to meet tomorrow morning to finalize the measures before the formal announcement at noon.

The cuts in spending are expected to cut both pensions and salaries to public service workers, while raising consumer taxes. Greek unions have opposed the measures and were a major part of the protests. A nation-wide strike in protest of the budget cuts is planned May 5.

A participant in one of the protests said that “These measures are death. How people are going to live tomorrow, how they’re going to survive, I do not understand.” Alexis Tsipras, of the Coalition of the Radical Left, opposed the budget cuts, saying that “The Greek people do not owe anything to anybody. Those who have brazenly robbed public money and pension funds should pay for the crisis.”

Greece’s Prime Minister, George Papandreou, however, said that the cost-cutting measures were inevitable, and that they were essential to the survival of the country.


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Advantages Of Pet Grooming In Mt. Vernon

byAlma Abell

Grooming is one of the best ways to keep pets looking healthy and feeling more energetic. There are many benefits for professional Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon. Foremost, the professional groomer will be able to groom the animal without causing the pet any potential risks or injuries. Many pet owners who are new to grooming may accidentally cut their pets or cause them injury during grooming. A professional groomer will have the trained skills and patience to handle pets of all kinds.

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Finding a groomer can be tough for some pet owners, especially people who owner larger dogs. Some groomers have breed restrictions and will not service particular breeds. CCC Kennels is a comfortable, highly-qualified animal boarding company that also offers services related to Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon. Their business does not have any restrictions on breeds, and they can be a perfectly viable option for someone who might be having trouble finding a grooming service elsewhere.

Groomers do more than just trim hair. Nail trimming is imperative for an animal’s well-being. Dogs or cats that have access to the outdoors might be able to file down their nails naturally, but most pets that spend their time indoors will need routine nail trimming treatments. Most dogs that stay indoors should have their nails trimmed once per month. Many pet owners are not comfortable trimming their pet’s nails because cutting the nail too short can cause the animal pain. For example, dogs have blood vessels in the quick of their nails. If the trimmer cuts too closely to the quick, the dog may begin to bleed and limp. This could lead to further veterinary treatment if the wound becomes infected.

In addition to reducing risk, groomers are also just generally better equipped to handle pets because they have the appropriate grooming supplies for all types of pets. Differing hair lengths may require a different set of tools. A professional will know which type of equipment is best suited to the pet’s fur type and body structure, and be able to accommodate the pet in a comfortable manner while still providing a crucial service to pet owners.

Ex-Thai PM Thaksin’s assets are frozen

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ousted Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra had about US$1.5 billion in cash assets in Thailand seized today by the Assets Examination Committee.

Calling Thaksin “unusually rich,” the committee said Thaksin had obtained the money through corrupt means.

Thaksin’s spokesman and lawyer Noppadol Pattama issued a statement, saying Thaksin would “fight until the end.”

“I will bring the case to both the criminal and civil courts. This is not fair. The aim is to prevent the ex-PM and his wife from running their own normal lives,” Noppadol said, adding that the move was politically motivated.

Thaksin, a billionaire tycoon who headed the Shin Corp. telecommunications firm, was elected prime minister in 2001 as leader of the populist Thai Rak Thai party.

Last year, the Shinawatra family sold their interest in Shin Corp. to Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, in a deal that prompted street protests in Bangkok, and was a key factor in the coup that removed Thaksin from power. Thaksin, his wife, Potjaman Shinawatra, and children, are facing charges of tax evasion as well.

The Assets Examination Committee said their decision came after months of investigation into corruption allegations made during Thaksin’s five years in office.

The committee has frozen 21 bank accounts containing 52.9 billion baht (about $1.5 billion), money the committee says was made in the Temasek deal.

“The committee found evidence that Thaksin during his time as prime minister committed corruption and illegal acts as well as being unusually rich,” the committee said in a statement. “[The Shinawatra family] have illegally obtained wealth through abuses of power to benefit Shin Corp.”

Two weeks ago, Thaksin’s former party, Thai Rak Thai, was ordered dissolved by a Constitutional Tribunal, based on corruption charges in the April 2006 general election, and Thaksin and 110 other party leaders were banned from politics for five years.

Since being removed from the premiership in the September coup last year, Thaksin has remained in voluntary exile, mainly in London, where he has tendered a bid for the Manchester City football club.

Last week, Thaksin was in Japan, guest lecturing at a Tokyo university, where he expressed a desire to return to Thailand when democracy is restored.

“When democracy returns to Thailand, Thailand will prosper again and I will go back to contribute to the country as a normal citizen,” he was quoted as saying by Reuters.

France issues pollution alert as ship splits off Basque coast

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Officials in France have issued a pollution alert after an unladen freighter grounded on a breakwater at Anglet, Basque yesterday. The vessel split in two and is leaking fuel oil.

The Luno had 120–160 cubic metres of fuel aboard when it broke down and high winds and waves pushed it into the breakwater. Helicopters rescued the twelve crewmembers and the only injury was a broken nose. The 100-metre ship was en route to pick up its usual fertiliser cargo and initially officials feared the vessel could spill a load.

The ship has split around the breakwater, one part remaining on the rocks at one side and the other pushed almost to the beach on the other. Junior transport, seas, and fishing minister Frederic Cuvillier is heading to Anglet. Anglet is near the Spanish border, with the ship registered in Spain.

One eyewitness, commenting to BBC News, called the rescuers “brave considering the state of the sea”. She said the ship had tried to anchor itself but broke away.