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By Randy Mark

If you are not using YouTube video marketing as part of your website traffic generation strategy then you are passing up a big opportunity. The truth is that Google owns YouTube so by delivering suitable content to YouTube you can benefit by improving your site ranking on Google. Creating and posting a video on YouTube can often be a very quick way to show up in Google search results for a specific search term. You then need to ensure that your video links back to your website.

Once you have realized the place that YouTube has in marketing your business the next thing is to ensure that you go about it properly. As with most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about YouTube video marketing, and if you don’t follow some of the right guidelines you could limit the results that you get.

The first thing that you need to get right is having good content. If you are going through the trouble of creating a video then it may as well be something that people would want to watch. If it doesn’t attract attention, people won’t view it and definitely won’t bother to trace it back to your website.

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Also if you can come up with great content then it is going to be much more likely for people to want to share it, creating additional traffic from this form of viral marketing. So do some research and find out exactly what type of videos are popular in your niche. Luckily you can do this pretty easily by searching YouTube itself and seeing which video have the highest amount of views. You will then begin to see which type of videos people like to watch.

Once you have identified some good content the next thing is to make sure that you keep your video fairly brief. Typically people will not want to watch anything greater than 5 minutes, and more often than not, less than 3 minutes will suffice unless you have something pretty good to say. If you have content that is looking like it might be longer than 5 minutes then you might want to consider breaking your videos down into shorter individual videos and using them in a campaign.

Another tip is to try and use humor if at all possible. Some of the most popular videos, and indeed most of the ones that have real viral success, are normally shared because people find them funny. You need to use your judgment with this since often trying to force humor can actually backfire on you and people might not find it funny.

Once you have created your video you need to make sure that you mark it properly to get the maximum exposure for the website that you are trying to market. You need to consider that your video might be shared or posted in other places so you want to make sure you get the traffic benefits from it. Therefore, you need to make sure to include your logo, name, and website URL in a number of places in the video. Customizing your video to add these elements should be fairly straightforward.

By regularly creating new video content and submitting it to YouTube, you will benefit from the cumulative effect of having more and more content which refers back to your website. If you are serious about search engine optimization then you need to make YouTube video marketing part of your website marketing plan. If you do this right then you can build up a loyal following of people who look forward with anticipation to your next video.

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By Lauren Dzuris

Today, we cant afford not to use coupons. They help us stay within our tight, monthly budget and allow us to get more for our money. Coupons can be found for almost anything. Whether you want to go out to eat and get 50% off your entre or a free appetizer, you can usually find coupons. You can also find coupons for things like clothing, services, and especially things like groceries.

There are a lot of great websites out there that will help you find coupons for these things. The Internet is a powerful tool and is always on your side. Simply type in what youre looking for in the Google search engine, and within seconds you will find results for what youre looking for. There are several benefits to using coupons like the ones listed below:

Spend less money: Everyone likes to spend less when we can. If you wanted a shirt and someone asked you if youd rather spend $10 or $30, youd obviously say $30. Spending less money is a great feeling, and helps us feel better about shopping. Shopping actually doesnt have to be so dreadful, if you save money it can make it kind of fun actually.

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Stay within budget: Everyone should have a monthly budget. This should be figured out by how much you bring home after taxes, how much youre going to spend on bills, and how much youre going to spend and save. When we use these discount coupons, we are able to spend less on what we want, save more or even spend more on our leisure. Using coupons can really help us stay within our budget.

Allow us to save: To ensure a good emergency fund, and a good retirement, we need to save our money. There should be a certain amount that we save each month. This money should be made and stored away instantly. When we use coupons, we are able to either save more, or get even more for our money. When we can save, it is easier to put money away for this account and our future.

Coupons are a great thing and something people should take advantage of. So many people go grocery shopping without clipping coupons. People also make purchases everyday that could be combined with using a coupon. These foolish acts could equal a huge amount of money wasted each year. Think if you saved $10 each week on just your grocery bill, thats over $500 each year! You know what you could do with $500 extra? You could use that to buy Christmas gifts, to store away or to even put towards your next vacation.

You should really get into the habit of using coupons. In order to do so, you should always ask yourself is there a coupon for this? every time youre about to buy something. This will help you get into the habit, while helping you save money and make smarter purchases. Search the Internet for coupon websites so you can get an idea what places and services have coupons!

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