Effective Ways Of Getting Rid Of Credit Card Debt

Submitted by: Mario Churchill

It is a fact that owning a credit card can give you lots of advantages. But, sometimes owning a credit card also has its disadvantages. Many people go into credit card debt that resulted from compulsive purchasing. It is always recommended that when you get a credit card, you should only purchase good or services within your financial capabilities.

It can be very frustrating if you get into a credit card debt. It is therefore wise to consider a few things in order to avoid or get rid of it. You don’t want to end up paying off interest rates for years before you can pay off the actual debt. Here are some things you should consider in order to avoid or at least get rid of your credit card debt and avoid financial woes.

Having a lot of credit cards can be very hard to manage and you may end up getting into debt. So, if you have a lot of credit cards, and it is difficult for you to manage, try and cut off some of the credit cards to avoid getting into a considerable amount of debt. People are usually tempted to use their credit cards. Therefore, it is wise to get rid of other credit cards so you can concentrate on your remaining credit cards. The best way to do this is to close the credit account as soon as possible after you paid off the debt.


Consider using your credit cards for emergency purposes only and by making online purchases. Having at least one or two credit cards is enough to avoid getting into debt.

Impulse buying is another problem that many people face with credit cards. If you keep at least one or two credit cards for emergency purposes, you will still end up having that urge to buy that new pair of shoes or treat your spouse to dinner. One solution to avoid this is by freezing your credit cards, literally.

What this means is that you simply have to put your credit cards in a Ziploc bag, fill it with water and put it in the freezer. This will make it less convenient for you to buy the things you want. When the time comes that you need your credit card for emergencies, you can always thaw the credit card and use it.

Another way to avoid getting into a high amount of credit card debt is by paying off more than the minimum monthly payment. By doing this, you can save a lot of money in the next due date. Minimum payments may sound very attractive but this is one of the strategies of credit card companies to get more money through interest rates. Start paying off your credit card with the highest interest rates. For example, if you are required to pay a minimum of 100 dollars a month, start by adding at least 20 dollars. You will see that you will save a significant amount of money by just adding 20 dollars a month on the minimum payment.

If you plan on closing a credit card account, make sure that you pay all of it off before you close it. Some credit card companies will charge you a higher monthly interest rate for the reason of closing an account that still has an outstanding balance.

These are the things you should consider in order to avoid or get rid of your credit card debt. However, the most important thing you should remember to avoid getting into credit card debt is by simply budgeting wisely. Make a payment plan in order to avoid accumulating credit card debts together with high interest rates.

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