Aging Boomers And Empty Nests

Aging Boomers and Empty Nests


Sigrid Vargas Aging boomers

with families will immediately realize the adjustments they have to make after the last offspring has left the house. The empty nest situation will often lead the aging boomers seek new ways to keep themselves busy (and productive). They may even be prompted to move house either because of practicality or sentimentality or both.

Maintaining a house fit for three (or more) may leave too much space to upkeep, some boomers may actually consider moving to a smaller abode, say, in a less crowded, more bucolic setting. A change in environment is often regarded as many


aging boomers

a welcome retreat from the busyness of the lives they used to live as opposed to some who want to continue living in the hectic cities. Statistics say that half are willing to relocate after retirement.

Incidentally, some aging boomers view the empty nest set up as positive with more of the males adjusting better with the new set-up. Three-quarters of the number saying they will be happier with the new set-up. The same number of aging boomers says that with their retirement set-up, they will feel freer, having more time for their hobbies and spouses, half of them saying, they will welcome their empty nest homes to allow them more freedom.

With the children out of the house, it turns out that empty nesters are relieved that they will, after all, be relieving themselves of the debt they have incurred primarily to pay for house expenses and education of the children. With the same sentiment, having invested on their children, almost half of the boomers feel that their children will be more financially secure than them.

With the changing times, empty nesters are adjusting on whether they have saved enough money for their retirement. There are however, different sentiments whether the retiring empty nesters comfortably. This will eventually be dictated by the sum of their savings. Incidentally, most aging boomers welcome the fact that their parenting roles are reduced and are happy that their children are out on their own leading their own lives. Coping with the changes are the top concern or our

aging boomers.

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