How Will Your Child’s Tooth Be Extracted Through The Pediatric Specialist In Bellevue Ne?

byAlma Abell

There are several reasons your child’s tooth may need to be extracted. This is often because the primary tooth is preventing the adult tooth from being able to cut through. If the tooth is not removed, it could affect the health of your child’s adult tooth and could cause malformations in growth. Other reasons for extraction are tooth injury, severe decay and impacted wisdom teeth. If your child’s dentist recommends tooth extraction, it is important it is carried out as soon as possible. Through the Pediatric Specialist in Bellevue NE, your child’s tooth can be extracted safely and with as little discomfort as possible, so your child’s oral health is no longer in danger.


How Will the Dentist Remove Your Child’s Tooth?

The procedure for extracting a tooth is fairly straightforward in most cases. The main trouble comes in when the tooth structure has experienced severe damage and is easy to break. Sometimes, wisdom teeth present a problem in removal, simply because they often have stronger and longer roots that can sometimes be wrapped around the jawbone.

To remove your child’s tooth, the dentist will first make sure he or she is numbed. This is done through a local anesthetic that temporary stops the nerves from sending pain messages. Once your child is completely comfortable, the dentist will work to begin removing the tooth. This is often done with special dental tools, but in the case of broken or wisdom teeth, the dentist may have to make an incision. He or she will inform you if this is needed.

Once your child’s tooth has been removed, it is important the gum tissue heals properly. A clot will develop to cover the hole left behind. To keep the clot in place, your child will need to avoid using straws, mouth rinses or spitting until the gum tissue has fully healed. This will help to protect the nerve and the adult tooth.

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