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Fiber optic offers the fastest internet connection available on the market. However, it is a relatively new technology and has just recently been available to home users. Initially, this hook up was so expensive the barrier of entry into using the medium kept out anyone except large multi-million dollar corporations and government organizations. As this method of connecting to the internet becomes more widely available to the public, it is quickly becoming the connection of choice by users and therefore service providers are beginning to offer it to more zip codes every year. If you are interested in a connecting to the internet in your home you will need to contact different internet service providers to see who can hook you up at the best deal.

Fiber optic cables are hair-thin glass cables which run underground to a junction box on the outside of your house and then on to your home computer. These cables transfer data from website servers to your computer allowing you to surf the web, send email, upload and download information and more. The startup costs for this kind of connection are very expensive. If these glass cables are not already installed on your street you may not be able to have this hook-up option at all. And even if you do have access to the cables near your house, the cost of installing a juncture box can be very expensive. Finding an internet provider in your zip code should start with calling around to determine who can install fiber optic for your home and at what cost. This will narrow down the field of providers considerably right out of the gate.

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Although the monthly costs of fiber optic internet is slowly decreasing, the bill will still be higher than that of a cable or DSL connection. The higher-end connection offers an impressive bandwidth capacity and speed. Provided your home is in an area which receives a reliable signal, most all internet providers will offer a great connection. However, it can be worth the time and effort to call around for different price quotes from service providers in your zip code to try and get the least expensive service and package available. Over time, the savings will add up considerably. Fiber optic is considered by many the connection of the future which means you will most likely not be thinking about upgrading your connection for many years. Lock in the best price possible early on for big savings.

Though a service provider my label their service as fiber optic, or boast a fiber optic network, there are a few different variables to consider here. First is there are fiber optic providers that extend the fiber optic network directly to your home. This is called fiber to the home, or ftth. Other providers do have a 100% fiber optic network, but don’t connect that network directly to your home. Instead they run fiber to the node (fttn) and from there run copper to your home. Others still have a fiber hybrid network which is a combination of fiber, and copper.

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