Hollywood Real Estate Diamond Of The Gold Coast

By Hector Lesende

Hollywood, Florida might share its name with the famous Hollywood, California, but it is no way less illustrious than its well known cousin. Tucked away in the Southern tip of Florida, the city of Hollywood is on of the top ten largest cities in the state of Florida. This city is spread over an area of about eighty square kilometers and is home to approximately one hundred and fifty thousand residents. This city, also known as the Diamond of the Gold Coast, has over ten kilometers of pristine Atlantic beaches. Various fresh water bodies cover about ten square kilometers of inland area.

The city is relatively young, having being founded in 1925. However, the decades of 50s and 60s witnessed strong growth rates in economy as well as population. As of the year 2000, the city was home to real estate property valued at more than a massive six billion dollars.

As of the last census, the city population of about one hundred and fifty thousand was spread over approximately thirty five thousand families housed in sixty thousand households. A back of the envelop calculation tells us that the population density of this city is touching 2000 per square kilometer. With about 70,000 housing units spread over eight square kilometers, the real estate density turns out to be just more than 950 housing units per square kilometer.


The population consists of primarily English speaking whites- about 78 percent of the population are Whites, and for about 67% of the entire population, English is the First language. Other important minority groups in this city include Spanish speaking citizens (a touch more than 20%) and African Americans (about 12% of the entire population). The city has a vibrant social life, and that perhaps stems from that fact that the city population is relatively young. As much as 60% of the population is less than 45 years old, and the median age of the population of the city of Hollywood, Florida is 39 years.

Hollywood scores fairly high on the infrastructure matrix. The city is served by the 23rd busiest airport in US, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The city is also home to a large number of public elementary, middle and high schools. All these factors make Hollywood a great city to live in. The economy of this city is fairly vibrant. If you have been planning to relocate to Hollywood, you will be in good company. The population of this city has grown fairly fast between 2000 and 2005, and this growth is largely attributed to the steady flow of immigrants from other regions. With its salubrious weather, vibrant civic life, low cost of living and a relatively low crime rate.

Hollywood Real Estate is precious and elegant. There are now 4,000 homes and condos for sale in Hollywood. Median price of a home in this city is about $347,000 dollars and some are priced over $3,000,000 dollars. Foreclosed properties are at an all time high as the banks readjust their adjustable rates and end a real estate boom that lasted for about three years. The no money down and 1 percent teaser rates deals are gone and so are many of the homes that were financed in this manner. Savvy investors are buying selected properties in Hollywood. The Hollywood real estate market is still thriving and will continue to grow in coming years.

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