Hospital beds and safety in the home


Brooke PensChoosing hospital beds for a person’s own private residential home can be difficult at times. The upheaval in the home can be distressing for both patient and relatives. The patient may not be too keen on having a hospital bed grace their home, it may seem intrusive to their recovery, especially if they have already spent a long time in hospital.It is essential that hospital beds are in a position that allows a patient to see a television and preferably near a bathroom, away from draughts or a window.Make sure if other people are in the house they are able to hear a person calling out to them. If possible, arrange a telephone to be placed within reach of the bed. Look out for trailing wires on the floor. All hospital beds should have their wheels in the locked position unless it is being moved for cleaning purposes. Make sure the bed’s locking facility is working.In the evening use a small lamp or a night light to prevent falls. Safety in the home is very important and simple things like keeping a drink and tissues near a bed can stop a person from needing to get out of bed unnecessarily. At Sidhil, our wide range of products shows we have a patient’s safety in the forefront of our mind at all times.We stock safety accessories such as footstools that are safe and strong and enable a person to get out of bed without falling. Feeling independent and confident in the home is crucial to a patient’s recovery. If more information is required on any of our products, including hospital or care home beds, we have a team of staff who are available to help and give advice. Contact Sidhil today to see some of the solutions we can offer to our clients.

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