How To Make Your Home An Eco Energy Home

By Adriana Noton

The world today is fast using up all it’s resources. The pace at witch we are using the resources is faster than it’s being replenished. Water is becoming very scarce in most areas and other resources are also becoming hard to come by. By turning your home into a Eco Energy home you will help to save our natural resources.

To start off your Eco Energy journey, you can have solar panels installed on the roof of your house. They operate with the rays of he sun and store energy that can be used to operate electrical appliances as well as your geyser. This not only will help to cut your electricity bills at the end of the month. The water will be heated during the day by the sun and any extra energy can be stored in batteries to heat it on dull days.

You could install skylights into the roof of your house. These will allow more natural light from the sun during the day reducing your electricity usage. The sunlight that is let into the room is far more powerful than the light given off by a light bulb. They are not able to provide much light during the night but still allow some light in given off by the stars and moon.


If you do need to use electricity to light up your house, you can make use of energy saving bulbs. They can be used in any light socket and some times have a brighter light than a normal bulb. Less energy is used by these bulbs. They sometimes take a little while to reach their full light but when reached are bright enough to light up the room.

Some people are known to leave a room and forget to turn off the light. There is a way of preventing this by installing a motion sensor into a room. It will automatically pick up any motion in the room and immediately turn on the light. When you leave the room it will turn off the light after a short period of no movement.

A low flow toilet mechanism can be installed into your toilet. They help by using less water when your toilet is flushed. This will help you save on your energy and water bills.

If you have a fire place in your home consider using that to heat up rooms instead of heaters. They will help you to cut your electricity bills by quite a bit. Using a fire to do some of your cooking is also a way of saving on electricity and is more Eco friendly.

There really are many ways available to help you make your house more Eco friendly. Some will provide Eco energy for you to use and others will just help to save the earths natural resources. In the end, if we don’t do our part to help save the earth we will end up with a planet that will not be able to sustain us for much longer and future generations will pay the price.

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