Outfitting You Boat

February 9th, 2018

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Outfitting you Boat


Ted Koppel

Outfitting your boat with boat gear is almost as exciting as choosing the boat itself. Indeed the most important boat outfitting you need is the safety equipment. In addition to obvious safety devices (such as life jackets], the first electronic safety item you should install is a VHF marine radio.

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Fixed mount VHF marine radios have access to all U.S. and international marine VHF channels. Channel number 16 should be always monitored whenever the radio is not used for communications. Some boaters add a handheld VHF radio as a backup. They’re great in the event of accidental sinking because they are waterproof and can be operated with one hand . Your primary VHF radio should be considered essential boat gear You probably know how hand GPS systems are for your car, and they are just as useful on the water. You may well come to think of your marine GPS system as essential boat gear. Many systems record waypoints to get you back to where you started as easily as possible. Some GPS devices are sold with built in fish locatros, making them doubly useful on-board. A particularly nifty item you might want, or that you might buy as a gift for a fishing enthusiast is a combination wristwatch / fish finder. They cost less than 100 dollars and can automatically turn off the sonar sensor when you are out of the water. And yes, they are water resistant! To make fishing even more efficient, rod holders and outriggers are excellent ideas for boat outfitting, whether clamp-on or flush mounted. For trolling, downriggers are available either by themselves or combined with fish finders. Those come at various prices and have many different included capabilities. This is the kind of equipment that makes boating even more pleasurable. And of course, if you’re going to be trolling, you need a trolling motor, and choosing the right trolling motor is essential. It will depend on whether you are fishing in saltwater, or fresh water, or both. Even if you’re only going to be fishing in saltwater part of the time, you need a saltwater-friendly trolling motor. The type of boat you have will also help to determine the most suitable trolling motor, whether it’s a pontoon boat, canoe, or Jon Boat, as will your typical fishing conditions, for example: fishing in windy conditions or trolling against a current. There are also many entertainment devices that may not be essential boat gear, but can make boating even more enjoyable. There are marine MP3 hookups so you can take your favorite tunes with you, and there are satellite receivers for watching television, and combined audio / video systems. And while electrical equipment may not be as exciting as a marine DVD player, it is the boat gear that makes your boating experience much more enjoyable. Circuit breakers, electrical connectors, electrical panels and other gadgets designed for the marine environment are part of equipping procedure, keeping the boating less dangerous and enjoyable. Boat outfitting is a lot of fun, but it is the second most expensive proposition after buying the boat itself. When figuring out the kind of boat gear you require, start with the safety-essential items , and then check what extras your budget allows.

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Outfitting you Boat

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