Tragic Construction Accident Kills At Least 39, More Missing

Tragic Construction Accident Kills at Least 39, More Missing


Katie Kelley

Tragic news came out of India this past week when it was reported that at least 39 people had been killed in a construction accident in Raipur. Raipur is centrally located in Chattisgarh state of India, a newly formed state carved out of Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 2000. On September 23, a chimney over 300 feet high collapsed, killing 20 workers involved instantly and trapping more workers under stone, concrete, and other construction debris. Some estimates put the potential number of trapped individuals as high as 100.

Investigators believe the chimney collapsed due to severe weather, though this has not been confirmed yet. Currently, more energy is being invested in finding survivors trapped in the rubble than in figuring out the cause of the collapse. Hundreds of rescue workers have turned out from neighboring areas to help remove giant piles of concrete and other construction materials, hoping to find more survivors buried in the rubble. However, there are several limitations preventing officials from getting both an exact number and properly identifying those who may still be missing. Police say that since there are not definitive ledgers documenting all workers on site, it is difficult to say how many more workers are still unaccounted for. Many of the workers were migrant labor from neighboring towns and finding their families is difficult to say the least; oftentimes, these workers have no family or either they are estranged to the point of essentially having no relations nearby.


Among those persons police are searching for, several officials involved in the regulation and supervision of the site are being sought by police. These persons are being sought for questioning so they can give reports on the safety standards and practices of the sites, though police are having difficulty finding them. Law enforcement officials believe they have gone into hiding, fearing repercussions for shoddy safety practices. While minor construction accidents are a common occurrence in India, accidents of this magnitude often involve a gross oversight by supervisors and officials on the sites. Often, these accidents are preventable, though it is widely known that officials on construction sites try and cut costs on the projects by circumventing safety concerns in order to embezzle funds or save money.

This only serves to reinforce the fact that many construction accidents are preventable with proper oversight. Many times, the fault of the accident lies not with the worker, but those in supervisory positions cutting corners by overlooking safety precautions and standards. Those individuals seriously injured in a construction accident often contact an experienced construction accident attorney in an attempt to receive monetary compensation for their injuries and time lost on the job.

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