Understanding Uncontested Divorce In Long Island

byAlma Abell

With the new “no fault” divorce statute now in effect in New York, it’s more important than ever to consider the financial implications of . Before this date, the “fault” element of the divorced had to be established by one of the parties involved. The spouses could specify to whose fault it was, but the No Fault statute was not in existence.

A divorce is basically the distribution and separation of the marital belongings. Appropriate legal representation is critical to making certain your interests are protected. A legal procedure in which the partners equally reach agreement on certain terms and circumstances in order to suspend their marriage is an uncontested divorce. When it is time for your day in court, you should never find yourself without an associate or an intern when dealing with an Uncontested Divorce in Long Island. A legal professional should be with you every step of the way.

New York State Courts could demand spouses pay for their kids to go to college. Frequently in the state of New York State, parties come to an agreement to contribute to their kids’ college expenses on a pro-rata basis. This known as a SUNY CAP, which means the entire contribution of the spouses involved shall not go beyond the total of a SUNY college at the time the child enrolls in college. The section of that total each spouse funds is often the topic of severe confrontation. Visit website for more

New York became the fifth state to recognize same sex . By effect, it also turns into the fifth state to begin the process of same sex divorce. If you are planning to take advantage of the same sex marriage law in New York State, you may want to talk to an experienced lawyer about Uncontested Divorce in Long Island before you take those vows.

Under the new provisions, during the divorce, the spouse will receive temporary maintenance. They will not be restricted from receiving financial support from their spouse, and their attorney will receive fees from the other side. The intent is to prevent economic tyranny and to promote a more level playing field. Contact a legal professional to Learn More About Uncontested Divorce in Long Island.