Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) pipes are a fundamental component of modern infrastructure and play a significant role in our ability to maintain and create sustainable communities. ADS, a global leader in manufacturing high-performance drainage products and systems, provides durable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for irrigation, sanitary, storm sewer, and water distribution applications.

ADS pipes are primarily manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a tough and resilient material noted for its resistance to environmental stress cracking and low temperatures. This environment-friendly material, employing modernized technology, results in ADS pipes having excellent structural strength and durability. The combination of these attributes with flexibility allows complex bends and changes in direction to be accomplished without the necessity of fitting and jointing, making ADS pipes a desirable option for various applications.

The corrugated design of ADS pipes distinguishes them from traditional smooth wall pipes. This unique design not only contributes to their high resistance to external loads but also accelerates installation due to their lightweight nature. The design also promotes a self-cleansing flow, minimizing the potential for blockages to be formed.

One of the most commonly used types of ADS pipes is the N-12® dual-wall pipe series. This innovative product range, designed for superior hydraulic efficiency, incorporates a corrugated exterior wall for strength and a smooth interior wall for optimum flow. This breakthrough design minimizes friction, reducing pump horsepower, and saving energy and cost.

Alongside the domestic applications, ADS pipes are also extensively used in agricultural fields for subsurface drainage, ridged drainage, and water transport. Moreover, they consistently meet the challenging demands of the infrastructure development, mining, and forestry sectors as well.

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