Your 3 Month Old Baby A Sweet Bundle Of Joy!

By Carrie Lauth

Your 3 month old baby is such a sweet bundle of joy! This is a wonderful age and parenting is a delight. Your baby is waking up to the world around him and coming out of the sleepy fog he was in as a newborn. You’re discovering little facets of his personality and he’s charming everyone he meets.

Physical Development

Your baby is getting a bit more organized with his movements, although it will still be some time before he’s able to control his hands well. You might notice him grasping at things that you have in your hands while you hold him. He’s getting so very interested in the world around him! He no longer gets so fatigued from stimulation, and loves to see new things. He’s likely smiling and laughing out loud now, especially at his parents and siblings if he has them. He will giggle and clasp his hands together in an expression of delight. He loves how this makes you smile, and is learning important social skills, the give-and-take of relationships.

His nervous system is still somewhat immature however, and you may notice that he still “jumps” and startles if he feels insecure (like if you are carrying him and suddenly squat down). The newborn reflexes are still present at this age.

Baby can hold his head up for long periods now, and he can lift his head quite well when he’s on his belly. It’s a good idea to let him have some “tummy time” daily to exercise. If he’s not wild about this, try kneeling down to his level and talking to him or showing him a colorful toy.



If you’re nursing, you’ve probably overcome those challenges of the first few weeks and it’s smooth sailing. Your baby may look up at you and stop feeding to flash you a big, toothless grin and it just melts your heart. Baby has probably settled into a (somewhat!) predictable nursing routine now so you know what to expect. Look for the growth spurt that is common at this age. Your baby’s digestive system is still not ready for solid foods, so your best bet is to spend 2 or 3 days nursing your baby as much as he wants to, and your body will respond by increasing your milk supply. Getting some extra rest during this time will also help.

Keeping Baby Entertained

It doesn’t take an awful lot to keep baby interested at this age, and you don’t have to worry about him discovering the outlets yet! Just realize that baby is learning new things constantly, such as how to roll off the bed! Be careful when you lay him down on a flat surface. Keep a hand

on him constantly.

Most of all baby loves seeing your face and hearing you talk to him. He can even mimic your facial expressions. So sing to him, smile at him, talk with him, and read books out loud to him. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you read daily with your baby when he’s 6 months of age, but why not get in the habit now? Baby will love it!

Babies this age also love being carried in a sling or other soft cloth carrier so they can explore

their new environment and stay close to your body.


Your 3 month old may or may not be sleeping through the night now. Don’t be tempted to give him solid foods too early in order to get him to sleep through the night. Studies show that it doesn’t work. Sleeping through the night is a developmental milestone and every baby is different.

Enjoy this precious time in your baby’s life!

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