7 Adventure Holidays To Take Before You Die

By Kieron Sellens

Overseas adventure travel is all about seeing jaw dropping sights and having unforgettable experiences. Its no wonder that more and more people are getting drawn into the exciting world. But if youve never done any adventure travel and want to know what youre missing, this really is the crme de la crme: 7 Adventure holiday trips you need to take before you die

The Antarctic Circle

Amongst the least travelled places on the planet, The Antarctic Circle is the perfect place to start your overseas adventure travel. For nature lovers, this is particularly brilliant with some beautiful and unique wildlife and some truly breathtaking sights. Penguins, seals, whales and albatrosses can all be spotted during your trip.

Galapagos Islands

The islands that inspired Darwin, unique wildlife found nowhere else on the planet makes the Galapagos Islands a must visit for the adventure travel enthusiast. Amongst the wildlife you can expect to see are giant tortoises, lava lizards, and land iguanas. The region has a fascinating history and some incredible sights and sounds the essentials of any adventure holiday.


Great Wall of China

Walking along the Great Wall of China is an amazing experience as man made structures go, it just constantly amazes with its sense of scale and grandeur. Adventure travellers will find visiting this most famous of Chinese icons an unforgettable experience.

The Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans Siberian Railway may sound a less gruelling trip than some of the others because youre not walking, but it still presents its own challenges. An epic railway trip that takes you all the way from Moscow to Siberia and on to Beijing, the real beauty here is that you get to take in sights that would normally be well off the tourist track. Its an experience like no other, and one that anyone interested in overseas adventure travel should make sure they enjoy before they die.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Sure, this one is going to be exhausting and it only for experienced trekkers, but if you manage to reach the snow covered peak of Africas tallest mountain on an adventure holiday, you can actually see the curvature of the planet. Thats something that you never, ever forget.

The Grand Canyon

If youre looking for adventure travel in America, you really cannot beat hiking along the Grand Canyon. The stunning landscapes mean that even after two days hiking, youre unlikely to be bored of the sights. You may have seen pictures, but actually walking along it is the kind of unforgettable experience you will be recounting for years to come

Machu Picchu

The lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu is one of the most beautiful ancient sites in the world. Clinging to the steep hillside, and surrounded by jungle covered mountains, its no wonder this site took quite so long to find. Suffice it to say that photos, website, travel brochures, and indeed, these words cannot do the site justice you cannot fail to feel inspired when surrounded by the beautiful ruins.

Whichever of these adventure holidays you wish to take first will not disappoint. Just remember to take your camera so you can showcase the amazing sights you saw to your friends and family!

About the Author: Kieron Sellens is the marketing manager of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AiTO). With AITOs cultural breaks you can choose from tailor-made

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, historical tours, musical trips and many more. The independent tour operators that AITO represent specialise in worldwide holidays tailored to their customers requirements.



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