Cell Phones In Today’s Society

Cell Phones In Today’s Society



Cell phones have evolved from being a thing of luxury to necessity. Its technology continuously progress, from being cumbersome to carry around to its now ultra chic and modern style and features.

Thanks to the satellites and wireless service providers, cell phone s connectivity is better than ever. It does more than making and receiving phone calls, it is now capable of video conferencing, SMS, MMS, even data storage, picture and video taking and sharing. Aside from these, it also acts as your personal assistant ranging from its clock and calendar features which keeps you updated with your meetings and other dates to remember. It can even soothe you from your daily stress just by playing the music from your phone or simply enjoying your downloaded book or games application.


Many cell phones are now capable of expanded storage system which makes it easier for file transfer and sharing just by syncing your phones to your PC or lap top. Similarly, its internet access along with its blue tooth capability and GPS technology allows you to work and access your phone just about anywhere in the world. This feature suits the working professionals very well, making the cell phone a portable office and personal assistant all in one. Similarly, because of these features, travelling is now easier since it allows access to resources ranging from itineraries and reservation to mobile banking and stocks updates to sending and receiving data which saves time and money.

Another thing to be thankful for having these cell phone innovations is being connected at all times. It comes in handy especially if you are confronted with an emergency. It allows you to call for help in times of trouble which could save lives. Its camera function also comes in handy should you immediately need to take pictures of accidents or dissuade your assailant.

Advances in cell phone technology and wireless service providers give the consumer the edge of selecting their cell phone which caters to their needs and their budgets. These technologies brings us closer notwithstanding the busy lifestyle we all lead since it reaches far and wide which brings technology to rural and even to far flung areas which correspondingly brings us together as one community and using it to our advantage.

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